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What We Do

The Books Factory has completely revolutionized the publishing process.

Even if you don’t have the time or skillset to write your book, our Done-For-You process can turn your ideas into a best-selling book in less than 180 days! 

Through a series of several interviews, The Books Factory team will partner with you to create your book, with your core message and in your own voice, to get your book published and make it a best seller.

How It Works

Our 12-Step Done-For-You Blueprint System takes you from book idea to #1 best-selling book in just 180 days.


Finding Your Angel Writer


We'll scan through thousands of angel writers we have in our circle of influence and appoint a perfect match Angel Writer for you who will understand you and engrave your book's vision, then write it in your own voice.


Book Writing


Your dedicated Angel Writer will interview you for each chapter, until the best of what you have to say is turned into text with a tone and style that reflects your message, personality, and brand. Plus, your angel writer will also write a compelling description of your book.


Book Editing


Our book editor will ensure that everything is error-free, well-organized, and flowing smoothly. Then they’ll revise it to include your requested changes, creating something that you can be truly proud of.


eBook Formatting


We format your book to look great on all eBook readers, converting the text and images into an attractive, easy-to-read layout that keeps readers happy and engaged.


Paperback Interior Design


Our book interior designer will cast a professional eye over every section of your manuscript (foreword, dedication, chapters, etc.) to create an attractive layout that enhances the reading experience.


Book Cover Design


They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but everyone does! So, our book cover designers will make sure that yours looks good enough to display on anyone’s shelf.


Book Trailer Video


We will create a stunning one-minute trailer video of your book to generate enthusiasm among potential readers and inspire them to buy a copy.


Publishing & Distribution


We’ll assign an ISBN to your book and publish it on all the major publishing platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. With us, you retain all rights and ownership of the book PLUS you keep 100% of your royalties. (Bonus: We’ll send 100 gift copies at your address )


Book Marketing


We will execute a seven-day promo cycle to advertise your book on relevant websites and social media pages to attract people’s attention and drive sales.



Best Seller Rank


We will help you become a best-selling author with our book launch plan, ensuring that your book reaches the #1 position in at least one category on Amazon.


Verified Reviews


We will send your book to Amazon’s top reviewers, along with others who may be interested in its topic to help you get early reviews that create a buzz. We will get you at least 15 verified reviews in the launch period.


Press Release Distribution


We will feature your book in press releases to more than one hundred media sites, including the top-tier newswires (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, etc.) positioning you as the go-to expert in your field.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Ghostwriters will ask for the book outline from you. Once they have the outline, after 4-5 months, they will create a manuscript.  The problem is the ghostwriter didn’t understand their client, their message, their ideas, and their stories. What happens is the ghostwriter writes the entire book in their voice and NOT the client’s.

On the other hand, our angel writer’s goal is to understand you, your ideas and stories and, most importantly, they retain your core message and voice inside your book. Your interview sessions get recorded, and the angel writer will write the chapters based on the audio recordings.  You can review each chapter and ask for revisions.  And the best part is that our angel writers offer unlimited revisions.

First, we will ask you to fill out a book information form answering questions about your book idea, your vision of the book, your expectations, and anything else associated with searching for your perfect angel writer.

Once you fill out the form, we will share it with all the angel writers in our circle of influence. Currently, we have close to a thousand angel writers in our circle of influence.

Usually, within a week, we get more than 25 angel writers who are excited to work with you on your book. To make it easy for you, we shortlist 3-4 best angel writers among them and share their profiles, writing samples, and why they think they’re the right fit for your book.

You can review their profiles and interview them on the call before finalizing your ideal angel writer. So you get to choose your perfect angel writer.

It consists of 6 steps:

Book Idea Consultation: This is your first call with us during which we discuss the foundation of your book project – the purpose for writing your book, who your target reader is, and how your book will help the reader and your business.

Topic Selection: During this call, we narrow down your book topic to help you position yourself as an expert. We then do a brainstorming exercise with you to arrive at all the ideas and concepts that you’d like to cover in this book.

Outline Creation: During this call, we choose a framework for your book that best suits the message you’d like to convey. We then insert the content ideas into this framework to arrive at a structured outline: aka table of contents.

Interview: This consists of 3-5 calls for each chapter, during which the angel writer interviews you based on the table of contents. He/she will interview you from the reader’s point of view to ensure that the best information gets extracted.

Book Writing: All your interview sessions get recorded and the angel writer will write the chapters on the basis of the audio recordings. This will be the first draft of your book.

Revisions: In this step, you could go through the book chapters and ask for revisions. Then the angel writer will work on the revisions and get the final book manuscript ready. The angel writer will ensure that your core message and voice is retained inside your book. And yes, we offer unlimited revisions. So, the angel writer will work on your book till you’re completely happy with it.

We’re a service provider. We’re not like a traditional publisher where they just have to publish your book. In the case of traditional publishing, you have to do the book writing, editing, formatting, cover design, marketing, etc.

But as a Done-For-You (DFY) publisher, we will do book writing for you and also provide dozens of other services. And we charge fees for that service only. That’s why we can’t work for royalty payments.

Frankly speaking, we don’t guarantee how much money your books will make. We just guarantee best-seller rank for your book. But most clients are able to build their personal brand and authority in their industry, which is helping them get more clients. This is how they are making money.

So, you can use your best-selling book to get more clients, speaking gigs, and publicity, which can help you make money.

We don’t guarantee number of sales and the reason is because sales depends on the category in which you’re publishing the book.

If that category doesn’t have a big audience on Amazon then it would not get enough sales. But if your category has a big audience, then it can get a lot of sales on your book. So, it depends on the category.

What we do guarantee is #1best-seller status for your book in 180 days.

We don’t have a specific number of sales we get. We do our research and find out how many sales top selling books are getting daily. And we try to get more sales than those top selling books. This is how we make sure we make your book best seller.

We get 15+ reviews on your book in the launch period. 

No. We don’t offer a refund. What we offer is unlimited revisions so that you are completely happy with your book. We also guarantee #1 best-seller status in 180 days.

Yes, of course. Just schedule a call with us and we’ll create a customized offer for you according to your needs.

We need to understand your requirements before we can quote you the pricing. Please schedule a call with us to help us understand your book idea and your requirements, and we’ll create a customized plan for you with the investment.

It depends on your availability for your interviews. But usually, we can deliver all the services in just six months (180 days).

Your book will be made available to more than tens of thousands of retailers, libraries, schools, e-commerce companies, and other channel partners, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble with our fantastic distribution channel.

See Print Distribution Partners – https://thebooksfactory.com/print-distribution-partners

See Online Retail Partners – https://thebooksfactory.com/online-retail-partners

Of course. Once we publish your book, we’ll send you 100 gift copies to your address. And you will be able to order unlimited copies at the production cost.

With The Books Factory, you retain all rights and ownership of the book PLUS you keep 100% of your royalties.