6 Simple Steps to Build Your Brand

Standing out from the crowd is far from a walk in the park. With a plethora of social media platforms where everyone is constantly bustling about their activities, opinions, and ideas, with real – time conversations and networking taking a back seat, it is grueling to make your presence count – to draw attention towards yourself and your work.

So, what’s the way out?

It is by building your Brand – your own Personal Brand!

7 Reasons why you should become an Author

Can you think of one thing that  Jamie Oliver (an accomplished cook), Paris Hilton (the socialite), Barack Obama (ex-president of United States), Warren Buffett ( Business leader) and Young House Love (Pioneer DIY bloggers) have in common?

They have all published books.

This just shows the appeal and impact books across various industry and levels of expertise.

9 Ways to boost Your Business by writing a Book

Can you make money by writing a book?

Majority of the writers would refuse the fact, except for the likes of JK Rowlings and James Pattersons.

But, self-publishing is booming – more people are writing books every year and on subjects that were considered non-saleable before!

What exactly are the writers looking for, with their books – if not revenue from sales?

What benefits are they reaping by sharing their stories?