Books – The biggest Content Marketing tool for all budding Entrepreneurs.


‘Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.’

The keyword here is “valuable.” There are thousands of types of contents used every single day by businesses all around the globe most of which goes to spam. But content marketing focuses on spreading valuable data so as to increase sales, ensure cost savings and acquire customers who are in need of your business and its services.


Choose your best medium!

What makes your content stand apart depends on which method of content marketing you choose to showcase your business as well as deciding what suits you best. Intelligent choices are important. The most reliable methods include books, podcasts, web pages, videos, editorials, blogs, interviews, etc.

Books publication is the biggest Content Marketing tool for Entrepreneur

Books biggest Content Marketing tool

“Content advertising is projected to grow into a $50 billion market by 2021 — up from $12.8 billion in 2016, according to projections from Polar, a content marketing platform for publishers. The reach is far and wide. Important and irreplaceable content is what attracts attention and books are gaining a market for themselves.”


Books are more than what we perceive!

Entrepreneurs are keen to explore the idea of a book to mark their presence. This not only gives them an additional title of a best-selling Author as another achievement but also majorly helps them get good leads and customers, media attention to boost their business, inspire and get inspired by the readers and also create their brand image in the industry.

Books can be used as a very important marketing tool.

Publish your own book is very important marketing tool for entrepreneur

Books are more than what we perceive!

“A book could help you sell your existing products as well as spread information about new products. It is sure to create credibility for the business since books are still the most trusted marketing tools.”


Digital publishing houses are the new power-houses!

Digital publishing houses are great resources which help create interesting and useful content and look after all the requirements to create the book of your dreams. The teams of expert writers and marketing professionals would ensure that your book tops the best-selling charts.

Apart from giving you guidance on how to write and publish your book, many of the digital publishing houses also provide services such as Angel writing, book marketing, cover design, author branding and much more so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The Books Factory is a great source for you to get started. It leaves you with the flexibility to customize your services or you could also get a complete package, which covers almost everything for your book from the seed stage of writing to the blooming stage of branding.

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Focus on creating the difference!


Relevant and valuable content comes with a well-thought-out plan as to what exact information should reach the customers, makes them aware of your services and create a need for it.

Focusing on quality rather than quantity would also make a lot of difference in getting great content for your business. There is simply too much content out there in all different formats so the only way to get your content noticed is to be from the minority who provide the best-of-the-best content, even if it means producing only one lucrative piece rather than five.

Content marketing through books also helps in SEO (search engine optimization) by increasing your reach on the internet. Amazon has become one of the most important search engines besides Google and to make your presence there as a bestselling author would surely get you a reliable customer base.

Finally, the reason you can think of adopting a book as a marketing tool is that most companies are not yet doing real content marketing. That’s why you’ll have an advantage if you jump in with something that will create a revolution in the market and get you recognition.


Make hay while the sun shines!


Equip yourself with the latest information of the ever-changing dynamic entrepreneurial world!

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