7 ways a Digital Publisher could add value to your Book

Self-publishing is the new black.

Once stigmatized as a DIY fad, self-publishing is thriving now thanks to the infusion of professionalism and expertise across the board.

If you are still one of the skeptics, here is a newsflash for you – Self-publishing is no longer the last-ditch option but a true leap of imagination.

● The Big Five traditional publishers now account for only 16% of the e-books on Amazon’s bestseller lists.
● Indie authors are earning nearly 40% of the e-book dollars going to authors.(reframe and make it clear)
● Self-published authors are earning nearly as much as Big 5 authors combined when it comes to e-book sales on the Kindle Store.
● Indie books represent 25% of books on Amazon’s ebook bestseller list
● Indie Bestsellers are twice as likely to be written by a woman than traditionally published bestsellers (67% vs 39%)
● According to society of authors, Traditional publishing is ‘no longer fair or sustainable’ as authors’ earnings are going down generally, but those of publishers are increasing.

What does a professional digital publisher bring to the table?

A digital publishing team is basically a team of experts toiling for your books quality, visibility and success.
They will guide you right from idea development to final sales, marketing and promotion. With their professional services, industry insights and expertise, you can be assured of your book’s success.

In fact, authors with higher incomes are more likely to have utilized a team publishing than a DIY approach.

Here are 7 ways a professional digital publisher will support you to write the book that will change your image, position, and prestige –

1. Create the right outcomes for your book

How to publish book yourself to get high and fast outcome for your book

Create the right outcomes for your book

When entrepreneurs, trainers, and coaches write books, a complete sales-driven approach to publishing is not the best strategy.

The publication and promotion process should focus more on creating visibility for your brand, positioning you as an expert, open non-traditional additional customer engagement opportunities and establish your credentials as the thought leader in your industry.

A professional self-publisher will have the right tools to ensure preferred outcomes for you along with sales strategies to shoot your book to the top of bestseller lists.

Hiring a self-publisher with proven track record is the best bet to secure right marketing, sales and branding outcomes for your book and yourself.

2. Accomplish the unique intersection of high-quality content and powerful design

Publication unique intersection of high-quality content and powerful design

The unique intersection of high-quality content and powerful design

Self-published books often stand out from the crowd – but for wrong reasons like inferior design or poor editing.

Readers are highly sensitive to the appearance of the book as much as the content.
As such, publishing a good book inevitably involves not only the best content but also the visual components like cover, layout, and fonts.

A professional digital publisher will assist you in not only the writing process but also in molding your book to create the look and feel that the readers crave.

The publisher will make sure that the design of your book is powerful enough to draw the attention of the consumer, at the same time accurately represents the aspirations of your content.

3. Get a professional editorial team to work on your book

Get a professional editorial team to work on Best self publishing site

Get a professional editorial team to work on your book

Many writers often make the blunder of self -editing a manuscript.

“Hire the best editor you can afford. In fact, borrow money and hire one you can’t afford.” – Carter Niemeyer, Biologist, and author of Wolfer

Editing is not just about superficial correction and polishing of language, It is a specialised skill that needs a critical eye and literary insight.
It is the essential function for organizing the content, checking consistency across writing, avoiding repetition/rambling and, recognizing the gaps in your argument.

Are you justifiably worried that the editor is going to hijack your book?
A good editor will give you concrete and actionable pointers rather than rewriting your book.

A professional self-publisher will have the team of qualified and tested editors who will ensure that your book’s quality is elevated without affecting its narrative or your unique perspective.

4. Get a customized marketing strategy and a dedicated marketing team

contact to Best self publishing site and Publish your own book with book publish agent

Get a customized marketing strategy and a dedicated marketing team

Even the greatest book ever was written is of no use if it is left languishing on the stands and in the warehouses. Therefore, positioning your book to create interest and excitement in the minds of your target audience a crucial function of publishing.

Marketing is a key performance area where a professional self-publisher could make a real difference to the reach and impact of your book.

Did you know, 95 percent of authors have to do their own marketing, even if they secure a deal with a major publisher?

Your professional team will design a customized marketing strategy across online and offline media platforms, depending on the content of the book, industry of expertise, audience profile and your branding goals.

5. Achieve Seamless integration Across various Formats

Process of publishing to publish book through agent

Achieve Seamless integration Across various Formats

Digital technology is revolutionizing the publishing industry – gone are the days when reading was strictly limited to the printed word. Now we carry thousands of books on our E-Book Readers or we ‘listen’ to books as we travel to work.

If you fail to capitalize on the trend of Book publishing on multiple platforms you are losing not only revenue but unique access to a different class of readers an opportunity for widespread exposure.

A professional publisher can give you a package deal wherein he will take care of producing the EBooks and audiobooks once you deliver the written content. You will still have the creative control over the output without the hassle of the conversion process.

Your digital publisher will also help you maintain quality and content consistency across the print, digital and audio formats.

6. Establish your Brand on the world wide web

Publish your own book and make brand through promotion right now

Establish your Brand on the world wide web

Although you have insights into branding your product/service, establishing your brand through your book is a totally different ballgame. You need someone in your corner who knows the game inside out.

The sheer options of communication channels and their need for specialised strategy have made author branding an art unto itself.

The research for branding activities like producing book trailers or starting a customised author website can be time-consuming and labor-intensive for the uninitiated.
Your publisher will have the right team at hand to make the process smooth and effective for you.

Your digital publisher can help you navigate the media landmine and establish your brand across the digital platforms to create right impressions and to attract the right audience.

7. Make some money from sales – why not?

How to publish your own book through book publish agent

Make some money from sales – why not?

The fact that authorpreneur are not primarily motivated by earning money through sales, does not mean you shouldn’t aspire to it. If you give good content and deliver it to the right audience, readers will be happy to pay for your book.

Before you say earning money by book sales is only for thriller and children’s book writers, consider this, Non-fiction buyers are less price sensitive and nonfiction books earn more at higher prices.

But, to have a best seller you have to enter the market with top-notch design, high calibre content, strong marketing strategy, right contacts and viable sales channels.

A professional digital publisher is perfectly positioned to support your book with the infrastructure and strategy to effect expansive sales and returns.


Collaborating with the right digital publisher can make the Book writing process painless, save you from hours of frustration and deliver a superior product to the readers at a viable cost to you.
By finding the digital publisher who is the right fit for the book and the audience you are trying to reach, you can reap maximum benefits for your book and your brand.

Are you ready to invest in a professional publisher to give your book and your brand the best shot at success?

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