10 things I wish I knew before publishing my book!

You think writing a book is hard?

Try publishing – it will make writing feel like child’s play.

Publishing a successful book often involves connecting the right dots on writing, editing, design, printing, promotion, and sales.

This can be overwhelming to the uninitiated – you will often feel as if you have walked into a zero degree weather in a swimsuit.

Having the right preparation not only makes the process as painless as possible, it will ensure that you end up with the book you had in mind at the beginning.

Here are 10 things I wish I knew before writing and publishing my book in order ensure best outcomes and minimal hassle through the process 

1.Writing a book is not just about content

Publishing my book

Writing a Book is not Just about the Content

Writing a book nowadays is kind of like reinventing the wheel.

Once you decide to write a book you often discover that, no matter what you want to write, it has already been written about. Hence, content alone is not the sole factor for the success of your book. Unique perspectives, journey, and experience are the factors that can tip the scale in your favor.

So, writing a book is not as simple as putting your ideas on paper. It involves exhaustive strategizing to decide what to write, what to not write, what to emphasize and what to avoid.

If you write a book without this knowledge and preparation, you will often defeat the purpose and end up with just another mediocre book.

2.You must have a solid monetizing plan in place before writing the book

Expecting your book to earn millions in Book sales may be an unrealistic goal. But, what is still feasible is to leverage your book to create long-term returns for your business.

A clear-cut roadmap of revenue sources you want to tap with your book and solid follow-up strategies will help you milk your book’s effect to the max.Such a plan would also help you narrow down your target audience and design the various components of the book to meet their specific needs.

Finally, it will enable you to calculate the probable ROI and scale back or intensify your time and money commitments into the project.


3.Your Book should be launched with a Bang!

It is no longer enough to write a good book – content alone can no longer make you recognizable or saleable to the consumer.To position your book for maximum visibility and attraction you must create a lasting first impression.

In this era of intense visibility and access, consumers are often spoilt for choices. To make them sit up and take notice of your book, you must enter the market with a launch that creates a solid Buzz.

A powerful and explosive launch will ensure that your book reaches the right consumers and you can reach your outcome objectives within the planned timeframe.


4.You need a solid team in place for publishing your Book

How to write a book - You need a solid team in place for publishing your Book

As much as we have all grown up with the romantic notions of brooding lonely authors, in real life, writing a book is often a teamwork.

Even Though you are an expert in your field and have a presence among consumers, your book will often aim to reach new grounds rather than reinforce old ones. So, the content and promotion strategy of the book might require you to venture far out of your comfort zone and resources.

Without a team of good editors, designers, publishers, angel writers you will run the risk of presenting high-quality content in inferior packaging.


5.Promoting your book will take a large chunk of your Time

Find a publisher for your first book and Publish your own book

Writing a great book doesn’t automatically ensure that it reaches the audience or creates the right outcomes for your business.In fact, you will spend more time promoting your book than writing it if you want to have any degree of success.

Not to undermine your contacts or experience, a book is a venture of its own kind. It often needs specialized and innovative promotional efforts that create recognition and instant recall.

Consider marketing and promotion time when you are arranging your business commitments around writing and publishing the book. Be prepared to spend time with your marketing team outlining the audience you want to reach and the image you want to present your book.


6.Traditional Publishing may not be the best option for you!

Find a publisher for your first book and publish your book

Traditional publishing is not exactly the high altar for writers anymore.

For an average writer, getting noticed by a publisher and getting a book deal will often involve jumping through multiple hoops, shelling out money on agents and long waiting periods.

As an entrepreneur with a business to run, going down this rabbit hole will often result in frustration, distraction and disproportionate investment on your part.

Be open to self-publishing – wherein you have greater control over creatives and timelines and can make realistic commitments. And often once you self-publish a successful book, it can act as a promo for your next book – if you still want to go down the traditional publishing route.


7. Digital Digital Digital!

Keep a firm eye on digital options not only for publishing your book but for promoting it.

Ebooks and Audiobooks are relatively simple to publish once you have the manuscript. They often help you reach a different niche of readers. Digital books are also ideal for minimising the time gap between publishing and returns.

They are great even for promotion on social media and your business websites. A digital option also puts you in the position to offer discounted or free copies of your book as part of the promotion in a cost-effective manner.

Even in book promotions, having digital content like a video trailer can ensure that you can grab the attention of consumers.


8. Book Cover and Interior Design can make or break your book

How to publish book yourself

Finding the right book design is a bit liking finding the right life partner – many factors to consider.

The cover should instantly attract the eye of the reader, accurately reflect your theme and meet the high design standards that are the norm.

The interior design of the book like font, stylizing the sections, choosing the right paper and so on should be employed to create the optimum effect.

So, this needs a team of experts who are not only competent designers but are also aware of current market trends when it comes to look and feel of the book.

A good design team is an investment worth making considering the risks of presenting your content in a ‘meh’ package.


9. Finding right people to add blurbs or reviews for your book can be frustrating

For adding credibility to your book you need industry leaders and influencers to add blurbs. One needs to read the entire book and add a concise review – which can be time-consuming. So, not everyone will be jumping to make their contribution unless you have a personal equation.

Similarly to create a powerful launch for your book, it is necessary to get at least 25 to 50 credible book reviews. This often involves finding the right audience, sending out advance copies and following up.

As complicated as the process sounds it is a necessary component of publishing and selling your book. You will do well to get an experienced publisher with right contacts who can ensure quality blurbs and reviews for your book.


10. You should have a strategy in place for leveraging your existing network

As a leader in your industry, you have surely built a loyal following of consumers for your brand and established a substantial reputation amongst your peers.

Although your consumers or peers may not exactly be the readers you are aiming it, they will still help your cause with word of mouth publicity and social media traction.

Your book also might help you upsell your product or create a powerful launch for a new line of products.

You could also leverage them to create entry points in uncharted domains or create a positive impression among the target audience.

So, keep your existing network of consumers in mind while designing the content and promotion strategy of your book.

Although you are an established leader in the industry, writing and publishing your book comes with a set of unique challenges.If you are unprepared for these, they can throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings and screw up your timelines. This will cause unnecessary stress, negatively affect the quality of the book and compromise your revenue potential.

If you are unprepared for these, they can throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings and screw up your timelines. This will cause unnecessary stress, negatively affect the quality of the book and compromise your revenue potential.

Make sure that you hire a competent team at all stages of writing, publishing, and sales to avoid surprises and resulting complications.

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