How Vikrant Shaurya has Inspired Entrepreneurs Worldwide With his Book

When Vikrant Shaurya was 20 years old, he came to terms with the fact that Engineering wasn’t for him. He trudged along out of sheer stubbornness but realized he had been wrong and decided to fix it.

Often, the only difference between the life of our dreams and the life we’ve been living is – that one step we take.

By quitting Engineering that day, Vikrant took his step towards his true calling – Entrepreneurship!

Not knowing where to start, he began his first business venture – a forum that brought investors and entrepreneurs together. But due to lack of experience and naïve idealism, his startup proved to be a disaster! He failed miserably and was back to square one again.

Sometimes, realizing your greatest fears sets you free! That fiasco helped Vikrant discover that for him to run a business successfully, it was vital to learn the basics first. Consequently, he approached a business coach and started working for free.

The next nine months was Vikrant’s major turning point, as it was the period that shaped him into an entrepreneur! He describes it as his Golden period that gave him a bigger picture of his strengths and deficiencies. By the end of nine months, he got so good at it that he took charge of the entire business and drove it into a successful enterprise!

But all this success didn’t distort his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Once he got comfortable with his job, he quit that internship to venture out on his own.

But is that easy? Obviously not!

Around the time he quit the internship, Vikrant felt the need to position himself as a thought leader in the market. He knew he needed to raise his credibility and draw attention in order to establish himself as an authority. 

He saw writing a book as the way to get all this done!

By giving away all his business secrets, he’d be able to scale his wisdom and open a gateway to opportunities! He believed that a book gets you attention and this attention could be leveraged into a bunch of opportunities.

So he started working on it – worked on the content, designed the layout – he micromanaged almost everything. The result was an alluring, well-written book that displayed all his command of business.

Vikrant’s incredible book, P.O.W.E.R – The Success Mantra, not only achieved the Amazon’s Bestseller status within two days of its launch but also outranked all the books in the most competitive category on Amazon – Entrepreneurship.

Most importantly, P.O.W.E.R outranked the book of Noah Kagan – the founder of the multimillion-dollar company, AppSumo!

The book release immediately skyrocketed Vikrant’s brand to the next level and he also got recognized with National Academy of Best Selling Authors. 

Since Vikrant published his book and put himself out there, an ocean of opportunities seems to have opened up. Readers are reaching out to him wanting to work together. The book promptly elevated his status as “the publishing guy” and he’s now seen as the go-to expert for all matters related to publishing a book. His authority is reflected in the way clients treat him – now all his advice is validated and people assume him to know what he’s doing.

Most importantly, he says that a book makes you come across as competent.

No one questions your credibility and competence when you have a book in your name

Vikrant got all the attention from the media that he deserved!

Ever since the book got published, Vikrant has been featured in more than 300 media sites including some of the most famous ones such as – ABC, CW, FOX, NBC, etc. He knew his strategy worked when most of his business came directly from the media attention he received.

More than half of his clients now are people who read this book and almost all of them know that Vikrant has written a book. Plus, an added benefit is that not only was there a hike in the number of prospects approaching him but also they were of higher quality – thus scaling his business to a whole new level altogether!

The book didn’t just work; it transformed lives in the process

Having trodden the road less traveled all of his life, Vikrant knew what it means to taste success after an uphill battle. His goal of creating a book wasn’t just to get attention and elevate his business – it was also about inspiring all such people out there who were holding back from taking that one step.

It was to give them the courage to live a life of their dreams and remind them that they’re not here to “settle” for something. And it did. There were plenty of emails pouring in every day thanking him for his book.

And it finally gave him his business idea!

Overwhelmed with the response of the book, Vikrant decided to take this ahead by helping all those entrepreneurs out there to achieve all that he has accomplished through his book.

He turned this idea into his business and now his company turns all the wonderful ideas out there into magnificent books!

Today, Vikrant Shaurya is a 25-year-old self-made entrepreneur, CEO, and Founder of an enormously successful company that believes in the power of ideas and taking the world’s wisdom forward – The Books Factory. He is a sought-after Book Launch Manager, coaches a variety of people about publishing, and helps several scores of entrepreneurs in actualizing their dreams!

This is what Vikrant says about his company:

“As entrepreneurs, our goal is to solve a problem. While a book demonstrates your expertise in your craft, it also projects you as someone who’s willing to let others grow while carving a niche for himself. Trust and attention are the foundations of any business. That is what exactly a book does for you.

As you resolve to acquire all these benefits by displaying your prowess, let us help you in turning your ideas into a magnificent book – while saving you from the exhausting task of writing the book”

That is the impact of a book!

Looking forward to scaling your business through a book? Let’s discuss!



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