Can you become a successful author by publishing your book?

Can You make your book a success by self-publishing?

This is one question we often come across in our discussions as a self-publishing agency.

Of course, the answer is not in black and white. There are too many processes and variables involved to give a blanket answer.


But the one question we can answer confidently, out of our experience as one of the leading self-publishing innovators is this –

Can You make your book a success by self-publishing?

Our answer would be an emphatic YES. With the right team, strategy, and execution you can definitely reach your target audience and achieve your overreaching outcomes.

Why Self-Publish?

Initially, self-publishing was considered a niche option and usually referred to as vanity publishing. But, with the advent of digital innovations and professional management, this image has changed over the last decade.

Here are 05 reasons that make self-publishing a viable option for a large spectrum of writers –


  • Ease of publishing – Self-publishing when done through an efficient agency successfully removes the bottlenecks of traditional publishing. It saves the writers hassles of finding an agent, pitching the idea to several publishers etc. Options like print on demand and digital publishing have simplified the sales funnel and made it affordable.


  • Different writers – Writing and publishing are being increasingly pursued by a new breed of writers. These writers do not have book sales on their mind – instead, want to promote their business/brand by sharing their experience/expertise. This needs a publishing agency with a different skill set a.k.a. The self-publisher.
  • Increased controlSelf-publishing gives the writers complete control over both the content of the book and publishing processes. It also gives the writers better control over decisions of choosing editors, proofreaders etc. The writers can choose the target audience of their preference and exert greater influence in promotion strategies.
  • Cost and Time advantageSelf-publishing authors often get a better return on investment as they receive 70- 100{d8666e85b374028b6ac4446e56863304f1d64a3868b42bc864ed010baccb0d0b} of sales in revenue. Additionally, you are also saved the hassle of finding and paying an agent. The timeline of self-publishing is fast – days/ months usually and you can get your book to the market quickly. These advantages make self-publishing appealing for time-sensitive projects.
  • Global Reach – As self-published authors retain the rights to their books, they can publish anytime anywhere. This coupled with digital options makes the books accessible to a global audience. No matter how small and spread out your niche market is, your the books and be published, promoted and sold to all of them.

5 Self-Publishing Success Stories

If you are still on the fence about whether self-publishing is the right option for you, check out these success stories for inspiration –

#1 Andy Weir  

Andy Weir who self-published ‘The Martian’ is example of self publishing amazon

Andy Weir

Andy WeirAndy Weir is your above – average next door computer geek. His book originally began as a blog about the lone survivor on Mars on his website.In time he gathered around 3000 followers, who not only read his blog but corrected him whenever he got the science wrong.


He self-published ‘The Martian’ on Amazon Kindle store for $0.99 where it became a bestseller in science fiction category.

After the success of this self-published book, he landed a deal with crown publishing and ‘The Martian’ was published as a hardcover and went on to become a New York Times bestseller. Subsequently, the book was adapted into an Oscar nominated movie starring Matt Damon.Now he is scheduled to publish a second book with Crown in 2017.

Andy Weir’s story clearly dispels the myth that self-publishing your book will cause traditional publishers to shy away.

#2 Mark Dawson

A huge part of Dawson’s success is his ability of Self Publishing

Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson is one of the most successful self-publishers, earning in 6 figures and his books have been downloaded more than two million times from Amazon.


You will be surprised to know that Dawson actually published his first two books through a traditional publisher. When he couldn’t get traditional publishers on board for his third book, Dawson decided to publish it as an Amazon Kindle E-Book.


After seeing the returns and readership from E-Book sales on Amazon, Dawson decided to write his next book series thrillers with James Bond Esque assassin John Milton. Apart from publishing 20 E-books, he has landed audio-book deals and, republished and sold 50,000 copies in print.


A huge part of Dawson’s success is his ability to work as the marketer and promoter of his book along with being a writer.  


#3 Mel Sherratt

Mel sherrat who very well know how to publish a book yourself

Mel Sherratt

Mel Sherratt is the living testament for the phrase ‘try and try again until you succeed’.

She tried to get her book ‘Taunting the dead’ published through traditional publishers for 12 long years without success.


Throughout this time she wrote a blog that outlined the struggles and challenges in the process of getting a publisher on board for her book. This blog built her a community of guaranteed audience that was emotionally invested in her story.


Eventually, she published her book on Amazon and sold 100,000 copies. She followed the book with a second one, ‘The estate’. Her community helped her by not only buying the book but by giving rave reviews.


Her success is a testament to the role of author profile and online communities in taking a book to the top of bestsellers lists.


#4 Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris is one of the best book publishers in list

Tim Ferris


Tim  Ferris is the shining example of the ability of a book to transform and diversify author’s personal brand.He rose to fame with his book ‘4-hour workweek’ which has been translated into 35+ languages and has been #1 on New York Times Bestsellers list.


He leveraged the central principle of 4-hour workweek and published books on fitness and cooking. His podcast is the #1 business podcast on iTunes. He also has a TV show in which he holds conversations with world class performers about tactics that work in the real world.


He actually shifted to self-publishing and digital publishing after the success of the first book.


His books have succeeded in cementing his position across various communication channels and have made his personal brand relatable to a larger section of the audience.

#5 Seth Godin

best self-publishing

Seth Godin



Seth Godin is an icon in the online marketing, blogging and tech world. But, he is most commonly known for being a prolific writer.


He has published 78 books on Amazon! 18 of them have been best sellers around the world and have been translated into 35 languages. He is a constant innovator and successfully experimented by launching his ‘Icarus Deception’ series on Kickstarter.


He symbolizes the core principle of self-publishing – Books for the reader rather than readers for books.


Whether you want to publish fiction, biography or a how-to book, self-publishing has plenty of options for all kinds of books across a spectrum of authors and readers.


To know more about benefits of self-publishing and how you can become a best-selling author, schedule a free 30-minute strategy call with The Books Factory – Click here.


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