5 Tips for Creating Content People Want to Read

Content is, was and will always be king.

This statement holds particularly true if you are playing the long game – if you want to build credibility and authority as an expert with your content.

But, even the greatest of content fails to achieve its objective if it fails to attract the eye of the right audience.

The Internet has radically changed our access and consumption to content. We have all the info we need just a click away. Today’s readers’ challenge is not finding the content, but finding the content that is most relevant to them and best meets their needs.

In this context, for the writer, it is not only enough to write great content but also to ensure that it attracts and retains the right audience. Today’s challenge is to write the content that stands out in the information overload of world wide web.

Writers today face the challenge of making their content informative, appealing, entertaining and inspiring – all at the same time.

As a publishing agency, we often come across writers who are capable of delivering great content but are losing out on the audience either due to presentation glitches or their inability to reach their readers effectively.

So, we have come up with 6 tips which will help you write the content that will not only make your audience take notice and read but to share and increase the reach of your writing 

#1 Understand your Audience

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Understand Your Audience

No matter what you are writing, deep understanding of your audience in terms of their expectations and aspirations is crucial for producing relevant content.

We are not talking about the mere statistics like age groups and geographical locations. We are talking about understanding their pain points – understanding the gap between what your audience is presently capable of and what it aspires to.

Understanding the audience will help you offer solutions that are both actionable and relatable to them. This will add tremendous value to your content and make the readers come back for more.

The knowledge about audience will also help to position and promote your content on right platforms, enhancing your reach and recognition.

#2 Begin with the End in Mind

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Begin With The End In Minds


Whatever content you write, a crucial criteria for measuring its effectiveness is the outcomes it can create.

So, all content should have the clear-cut outcome that it will provide for the reader. To simplify, know what tangible improvement your content is going to make in the life of its reader.

This outcome should be clearly reflected in both the introduction and conclusion so that reader clearly knows the benefits before reading the main body of the content. Such clarity would help in engaging the reader’s interest right at the beginning and compelling them to read through the content.

An important thing to cross check is whether the content you are presenting achieves the outcomes you have set forth for the reader. Failing to achieve this consistency will undermine your credibility in the eyes of the reader and discourages them from coming back to you in the future.

#3 Make your content Actionable

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Make Your Content Actionable


One of the chief frustration points for every writer is finding out that his ideas have already been written about by someone else.

It’s  true – writing radical and inspired content is the solution to this issue, but producing such content on a regular basis is highly impractical. So, every writer has to essentially reinvent the wheel.

So, the most effective way to stand out in the stream of similar content is to make your solutions or strategies as actionable as possible. It is important to include a mix of solutions that are actionable right now and some that can be taken up over a longer term.

Providing specific, actionable strategies to the particular pain points of your audience will increase the relevancy of your content and establish you as the go-to source for finding practical solutions.

#4 First Impressions Matter

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First Impressions Matter

The harsh reality of internet age is that nobody has the time to spend on content that does not hook them at the first sight. No matter how wonderful your writing is, if you fail to position it and present it in the right manner, you will lose the audience.

So, what ingredients make a powerful first impression on behalf of your content?

Headline or Title of your content, the introduction, images, description etc could either attract or repel your leader.

In order to ensure that the reader is drawn to your content and compelled to read it, you need to create an emotional loop across all the above components. In other words, they should create an urge to ‘know more’.

A strong title or a powerful image is your one chance to attract the reader – make sure that your content does not fail in this regard due to deficiencies in window dressing.

#5 Craft Quality Content

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Craft Quality Content

This seems like a no-brainer – readers want to read content that adds value and is informative.

Crafting quality content has 3 important ingredients

First, is the content itself – Make sure that it is relevant and important to your audience, Ensure authenticity. Offer references and sources for credibility. Make sure that your strategies are in harmony with the outcome you have proposed and with each other.

Second, is the structure – Make sure that your content has a solid introduction, body, conclusion, and call to action so that your ideas are presented with clarity and are easy to follow.

The last one is the human touch – keep your content conversational and relatable so that your audience can build an emotional connection with it rather than purely informative one.

At the end of the day, no perfect headline or amazing graphics can save shitty content – devote your energies to producing top-notch content.

Writing content that attracts and retains readers is not rocket science. Along with the quality of the content, you need to pay adequate attention to presentation and communication.

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