5 Reasons Why You should NOT Write a Book

  There are no bad ideas – only bad books.

As publishers, we firmly believe that ideas do not fail. Every story can be a success – provided it is told in an impactful manner and it reaches the right receptive audience.

Simple principle right?

Still, many authors end up with a substandard book or disappointment with the failure of the book to generate well-deserved attention.

We often find that many authors write with misguided expectations and are unprepared for the level of commitment a book demands.

This negatively affects both the quality of output and achievement of outcomes – in fact, it could have the opposite effect and damage an author’s credibility and standing

If you are contemplating about becoming an author, we want to draw your attention to the 5 key issues you need to have clarity about before you embark on the journey of writing a book –

1. Don’t write a Book if you want to make loads of money just by selling it

why you should not write a book if you want make money by just selling

Don’t Write a book if you want to make loads of Money just by selling it


If you are dreaming of raking in the moolah by your book sale, let me stop you right there.

Because you are fighting against the odds when it comes to monetizing your book by sales.

Did you know, out of the 300,000 books published every year only 10 manage to sell a million copies?

If you have the limited worldview that only sales can bring in the money and not willing to look beyond numbers and royalties, don’t write a book.

The old paradigm of sales only earning is out of the window.

Authors are increasingly looking for books as the platform to generate visibility for their endeavors. This strategy ensures long-term, consistent and high returns on investment even after your book is off the bestseller lists.

For brands and businesses, books are the calling cards that establish credibility and create the scope for engagement with customers beyond mere commercials.

The possibilities and opportunities of earning money through a book are limited only by your imagination. Be open to peripheral benefits like speaking engagements and alternative revenue stream creation when you are setting the desired outcomes for your book.


2. Don’t write a Book if you think writing is a cakewalk

should you write a book about your life if you don't have famous authors to write books

Don’t Write a Book if you think writing is a cakewalk


Not to discourage you at the outset, writing a good book is not for the feeble hearted.

This is why writing and publishing a book is still associated with expertise and prestige even in the digital media age.

Writing a good book requires the right combination of ideas, expertise in the subject, fluency in writing technicalities, immersive style, and a relatable voice.

Nobody begins writing equipped with all the tools – you must be willing to put the effort to learn and invest in acquiring such skills.

If you are not ready for active involvement and commitment in translating your ideas into words on paper, don’t write a Book.

You must get all the help you need in writing – it is fundamental to writing the Book of your dreams.

But, at the end of the day, no expert in the world knows your ideas as well as you do. Only your commitment of time and effort can ensure that all that help translates into tangible improvements to your Book.

So, writing a book is not as easy as it seems but, if you find the right people to assist you and put in the necessary effort, it can be made painless to a larger extent.


3. Don’t write a Book if you are not ready to invest in promoting it

writing books is only the beginning - reasons why authors write books

Don’t write a Book if you are not ready to invest in Promoting it


Selling Books is Harder than you can imagine

Build and they will come – has become an outdated philosophy when it comes to Books.

Writers have to actively position and promote their Books across multiple channels if they have to get any real shot at making the readers take notice.

The challenges in marketing a book are increasingly demanding strategic and creative inputs from professionals and experts.

If you are not ready to make the commitment to marketing, promotion, and sales of your Book – Don’t write it.

As challenging as promoting and selling a book is, it comes with a plethora of opportunities to create visibility and access for you in traditional and non-traditional mediums.

If you don’t get the right support team in place, you would be missing out the chance to expand your reach and build your presence with a bang.

Investing in selling your book might require you to hire a dedicated marketing team and let them take the lead in devising strategies to identify and reach the right audience.

Writing the book is only the beginning. You need to invest in professionals for selling the book and converting the impact of your book into tangible benefits for years to come.


4. Don’t write a book if you can’t look beyond traditional publishing options

why do authors write books about their lives as step by step

Don’t write a Book if you can’t look beyond traditional publishing options

The publishing industry is undergoing a revolutionary transformation.

Traditionally publishing a book was a labyrinth of time and money consuming operations. Then, self-publishing came along as the savior of independent authors.

It essentially created greater access, ease of production, shorter incubation period and diverse options for audience engagement.The idea of “Book’ itself has undergone a massive change with the entry of Ebooks and Audiobooks.

If you are not ready to look beyond hardcovers and the big publishing houses, don’t write a book.

According to Andrew Nusca, digital book sales are going to increase, and the print is likely to become a niche market over time just like magazines and newspapers.

Digitised publishing platforms like Ebooks and audiobooks fit right in with the multitasking lifestyles and demand for instant access by the readers.

For authors, once the print version is ready, other formats can be produced with relatively little investment of time and money. They are ideal for promotion on social media, which is a cost-effective and high return publicity platform.

Make publishing your books in digitized formats a priority. Be open to collaborations with your publisher for unconventional formats to create maximum impact with your book.


5. Don’t Write a Book if you don’t know what you want out of it

why you should not write a book

Don’t Write a book if you don’t know what you want out of it


We often see authors embarking on a writing adventure with vague outcome expectations like, ‘I want exposure for my business’ or ‘ I want to inspire people’.

Only knowing in specific terms what you want to achieve with the Book can help you arrive at an effective structure, precise time commitments, focused promotion initiatives, clear-cut need mapping and a solid publishing schedule.

If you don’t know what you want when you are on the other side of the Book publishing journey, don’t write a book.

Personally, as publishers, clarity of a book’s purpose helps us identify the right audience and to design our communication efforts to create a maximum impact. The specifics also help us bring in the experts and professionals best suited for the book.

So, before writing your book have a priority and outcome mapping. Examine, in concrete terms what you want to achieve with the book.

For instance, you might want to inspire people by sharing your story in person through the speaking engagements generated out of your book.

Or, you might want to break into a new consumer market – a different age group or a different geographical area.

Clarity of purpose is as important as the clarity of ideas to ensure that you achieve the right outcomes for yourself and your business through your book.


Writing a book and getting it to the audience is a long-term and challenging road.

Preparation, clarity and realistic expectation are your crucial weapons for this journey.

With the right knowledge, publishing team and strong commitment, writing your Book can be a transformational experience.

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