The importance of promotional services for a book

   Who are you going to sell your book if nobody knows it exists?

‘Discoverability’ – the ability of a book to draw and retain the attention of the consumer could be the difference between a successful and a failed book.

So, in order to ensure successful recognition, recall, and subsequent purchase, promoting your book to the right audience through right channels is crucial.

Many authors, mistakenly believe that writing a great book automatically translates into audience engagement and sales.

Many of them are often surprised to know that they will be spending a huge chunk of their time promoting their books. In fact, the most successful authors are more active marketers.

Writing your book is only half the battle – Telling your audience that your book exists and persuading them to buy it is what successfully completes the publishing process.

In the age of digital connectivity, the consumer is bombarded with choices from all directions. To ensure that your book stands apart from the competition and find the right audience is the litmus test for publishing.

Whether you are writing fiction, nonfiction, a ‘how to’ book, travel story, autobiography or niche industry book, marketing, and promotion are vital to achieving success.

What does Book Promotion involve?

Book promotion usually involves a combination of following components –

  • Market research
  • Author blogs
  • Author website
  • Book trailers
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin)
  • Book launches
  • TV, radio, and podcasts
  • Email Blasts
  • Book Signings and author readings
  • Webinars and Live video
  • Print and online interviews
  • Reviews and Recommendations
  • Speaking engagements
  • Industry events and publications
  • Word of mouth

Why get a professional team to manage your Book Promotions?

Considering the importance of promotion in publishing, it is crucial for writers to find best possible options for their book and put in place the systems that execute them seamlessly. And, the fact that book promotions need management of factors and channels which are largely out of the purview of your creative control calls for expert management.

In this interest, engaging professionals with expertise in your niche marketing and promotion makes a lot of sense –

1.Book promotion has an opportunity cost  

cost of book promotion and marketing

Book Promotion has an opportunity cost

Devising and implementing highly effective promotion strategy requires engaging your existing resources or even procuring resources to work on your behalf.

If you plan to do it all yourself, you will have to invest considerable time and energy into learning the ropes of book promotion and then find the right experts for each of the function. Still, you will have to be hands-on and get involved in the everyday nitty-gritty.

All this comes with a high opportunity cost – of time, money and energy.

Once you have the right team in place, you will be only consulting and strategize with them without the logistics and communications eating into your personal and business resources.

If you get an expert team to handle and planning and execution of promotion strategy you can get maximum returns with minimal efforts.

2.Book promotion begins before you Publish your Book

Book marketing and promotion

Book Promotion begins before you publish your book


Writing a book demands dedication, time and hard work. Once you have completed with your manuscript, publishing seems like the most logical next step.

Many authors make this mistake and end up with a book that does not reach their audience.


Promotion is the difference between publishing your book and selling your book


Professionals with expertise in book promotion and marketing will conduct marketing research across various criteria depending on the outcomes to want from your book.

On the basis of that, they will make suggestions to the cover, layout, content or even your monetizing approach itself to maximise your book’s appeal to the audience.


Such professional intervention could save you from impulse publishing mistakes and help your book succeed.

3.Book Promotion Is complex

Book promotion and publishing

Book Promotion is Complex


As with any product or service, book promotions need specialized knowledge of markets, communication channels, and right contacts to achieve the desired objectives.


Book promotion demands the execution of multiple activities across various channels simultaneously.


As much as you know your markets inside out, the very purpose of writing a book is expanding your reach and creating awareness for your brand in uncharted territories.


Considering this objective, your brand’s marketing strategies may not be effectively translated to promote your book. You will need a specialized set of strategies that can navigate the complex and multiple components involved in getting your book to the audience.


A professional team will take over both the planning and execution of these complex series of activities to give your book best possible shot at success without any hassles for you.

4.Book Promotion on Social Media is labor intensive

Social media promotion and marketing of book

Book Promotion on Social Media is Labour Intensive


Social media offers many advantages to writers – it is cost-effective in terms of ROI, easily accessible, has a global reach and offers diverse platforms to choose from.


At the same time, social media has its own challenges like standing out among the crowd, finding your audience within the social media landscape and even choosing the right platform to promote your book.


Social media is a 24X7 animal – it needs relentless engagement and follow-up.


Additionally, the content you share needs to be carefully planned to leverage the existing trends across various platforms yet appear natural and effortless.


To devise and implement a powerful social media strategy you need an expert team who not only knows the tools but has the time and resources to dedicate to your cause.

5. Book Promotion is too crucial to take chances on

book promotional services

Book Promotion is too crucial to take chances on

As the critical component of book publishing process, promotion and marketing are not the elements to be done by trial and error.

The launch has to create a splash. Further promotions need to create instant audience interest and sustain it over long periods of time. Your message and book’s profile need to be highly customized depending on the audience and the platform.

Additionally, you have to constantly monitor the effect of your strategies across multiple channels and tweak your approach accordingly.

A misstep in the promotion will ruin the potential outcomes and ROI of your book.

A professional team will minimise the risks by ensuring the employment of best possible cost and time effective strategies into promoting your book. They will also ensure that your book’s publicity and message are constantly oriented towards the business outcomes you want to achieve.

How to find a team of experts for your Book Promotion?

The most cost-effective, integrated and time-saving option to find a tried and tested team of experts to promote your book is to add promotion into the package of services at the time of getting your publisher on board.


The central idea of Book promotion is to make it as organic and ongoing as possible – moving from one successful tactic to other so that your book continues to serve your business interests long after it is published.


To find out more about what a professional promotional service can do for your book and in turn for your business, schedule a call with The Books Factory.


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