How Girish Saansgiri’s Book Established His Thought Leadership in the Culinary Industry

Girish Saansgiri is a food-savvy veteran who has been pursuing his passion for cooking for a long time now. Having visited multiple countries all over the globe, he’s well versed in the diversities of food and culture. He enjoyed trying various cuisines in different parts of the world, but then, he saw a problem:

He found one aspect common in every country that he visited – unhealthy foods were always cheaper than their healthy alternatives, and this has caused health problems across the world.

“One thing I’ve found common almost everywhere I went is that convenience is a commodity and people preferred to buy their food than to cook for themselves. This led to a high consumption of junk and processed food, which eventually wrapped them up in a plethora of diseases”

This got Girish thinking. He realized that in this fast-paced world, most people don’t want to spend time cooking unless it becomes absolutely necessary. And this is not just a problem for a few, but there are millions of people in the same situation.

He decided to fix it.

Coming from a family of doctors along with holding a diploma in Naturopathy and Acupressure, Girish has the understanding of how to live a healthy life. So, he resolved to combine his culinary expertise with his knowledge of natural health to come up with cooking recipes that were easier, quicker, and healthier.

Girish decided to share this with the world to help them choose a healthier lifestyle

Girish had two goals in mind when he started with the idea of sharing his knowledge:

  • He wanted to share some important knowledge that would help people.
  • He wanted to give a more serious form to his culinary passion – he wanted to establish his authority as someone who knows what he’s doing.

There was one credential missing in his cap of feathers that would help him attain both of these goals – A Book!

Girish realized that a book was the best way to elevate this conversation and get people thinking about a wholesome life. Although there were plenty of culinary books already available in the market, he noticed that most books hadn’t highlighted the most important aspect – healthy food recipes.

He wanted his book to be a game-changer that nudged people to watch what they’re eating.

Girish partnered with The Books Factory to sculpt his book

Although Girish knew that a book is the best way to get the message out, he didn’t know where to start.

“I knew I needed to spread the message. I knew that a book was the best way to get it done. But I had no idea about making it happen. A book has a lot of facets to it – engaging content, professional layout, attractive cover design, and, finally, the publishing phase – all of these seemed impossible to me! There was no way I was going to do that on my own.

One day, I stumbled on The Books Factory, and I immediately knew that this was what I was looking for”

Right from the beginning, Girish was certain about creating an incredible book – one that people would read, relate to, implement, and recommend.

“After my first few interviews over a phone call, it was like a dream come true. I knew these people will handle me with a magnificent piece. And they did! The content, interiors, cover page – everything looks so professional that it was hard to believe that it is my book when I first got my hands over it!

Collaborating with The Books Factory is the best thing that has happened for my book. They have incredibly high standards!”

And it is not about the great content inside the book. With Girish’s impeccable ideas regarding the title and the interiors, the book had to look great. The Books Factory’s exceptional angel-writers and cover designers made sure that the book was a complete reflection of Girish’s thoughts and ideas.

Working together with The Books Factory, Girish created The Miser Chef.

Process to write and publish book

The book is now considered to be his magnum opus in the industry today

Immediately after its release, the book raised the profile of Girish in the industry. The book gently yet convincingly prodded readers to inculcate the habits of healthy cooking.

The results were phenomenal with readers giving him positively, powerful feedback about the book. Reviews and testimonials had poured in asking him to continue giving his precious insights.

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The results were exactly what Girish hoped them to be.

The book catapulted to the top of Amazon Sales Charts

The book received extraordinary feedback from the reviewers, driving the sales further and immediately putting the book on the pedestal of Amazon Best Seller status. The book outranked all the others in one of the most competitive categories of Amazon – “Cookbooks, Food & Wine”.

How to publish a book on amazon

In addition to this, Girish became a force in the media with around 300+ media sites featuring his book, including the top-tier newswire such as ABC, NBC, CW, FOX, CBS, etc.

More importantly, the book is seen as the definitive text in the industry

With around 125+ recipes from all around the world put together with some spectacular tips from the Master Chef Girish, the book is now seen as the bible to all the neophytes trying to grasp some basics.

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While the health nuts are given tips to relish some delicious food while still sticking with diet plans, veterans are bestowed with some hacks easing their time in the kitchen substantially. As a full-fledged masterpiece for all the foodies as well as experts, the book stands as a definitive text in the industry.

Even his family is proud of him!

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Girish has always thought of making this world a better place with this book, but the results didn’t stop with just that. Ever since the book was released, everyone has been saying, “Oh, so you’re an author now!” And there has been a lot more attention to what he says.

All the attention is nice, but Girish says that his proudest moment was when his daughters walked up to him one morning and said:

“Dad, what a book it was! We’re truly very proud of you!”

It is moments like these that make life worth living!

Thinking about establishing your authority too in an industry like Girish did? Let’s discuss!

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