Publishing Evolution and The Books Factory Advantage

        Creating a book is simple, Publishing a book is complicated.

Most of us can write a book – even get it printed. But publishing is a different animal – it involves design, publicity, marketing, research and even actual selling.

The complexity and the necessity of such operations have traditionally given publishers a lot of power over writing processes and creativity.

Not anymore! The publishing industry is undergoing a transformation – that too in favor of the writers.

Publishing a book is more accessible, cost-effective, professional and purpose-oriented than ever. As more and more players are taking the initiative to experiment with new formats of publishing and adventurous avenues for reader outreach, the face of publishing as we have known is changing.

Writers – conventional and unconventional, across diverse industries are taking advantage of the publishing revolution.

Understanding the Publishing Evolution

The evolution of publishing that has shifted power from traditional publishing houses to the writers is an interesting phenomenon. As one of the industry leaders, we consider the following trends and influences to be of note in the monumental changes across several publishing functions –

1.Technology Revolution

Technology helping self publishing evolution- importance of competitive advantage to an organization

Technology Revolution


As with any other industry in the 20th century, the sweeping changes across publishing are the result of the digital revolution.

Digital advancements have had three major benefits for writers – First, they have created access to the books for on the go and online reader. Secondly, they have made the publishing and promotional avenues fairer and easier to access. Finally, technology has also made author branding and reader engagement more dynamic than ever.

Thus, technology is at the center of decentralization and democratization of publishing processes.

2.Emergence of a viable alternative

self publishing is a viable alternative- best self publishing companies

Emergence of a viable alternative

Publishing as a lone wolf is stressful, time-consuming, costly, and resource intensive. Moreover, lack of contacts to get credible promotion and visibility for the book also discourage the authors from self-publishing.

With the evolution of publishing, this situation has undergone massive change. A new set of professionals and experts have revolutionized the self-publishing industry by providing custom services right from writing to printing and promotion.

Self-publishing companies are essentially offering the opportunity for creative control and end to end services without the revenue compromise.

3.Changing role of books

Books have become important for brand building- strategic management for competitive advantage

Changing roles of Books


Traditionally the value of books has been associated with education, entertainment, and self-expression. Books have been seen as a cultural phenomenon rather than economic/commercial one.  With the evolution of digital communication, this image has seen a sea change over the last decade.

Books are increasingly seen as powerful mediums for brand building and consumer engagement. This changing role has opened up the playing field by redefining the revenue potential  i.e. shift from pure sales to long-term business gains

4.Entry of the unconventional writers

Entry of unconventional writers - best free self publishing companies

Entry of the unconventional writers


The change in the profile of authors/ writers is the most natural consequence of the change in the role of books. On realizing the branding and revenue potential of books, people from a spectrum of professions and industries are eager to jump into the fray.

These unconventional writers often leverage their expertise and life experiences to create an engaging narrative. The ability of such books to be relatable and to humanize the behind the scene pictures has carved a unique niche.

5.Emergence of a new class of reader

readers are changing- disadvantages of traditional publishing

Emergence of a new class of Reader


With books being written across various subjects, readers have benefited the most. No matter what your interest is you can get a book written from a personal perspective outlining struggles and triumphs rather than just preaching.

Additionally, eBook and audio formats have also helped to bring the so-called ‘non-readers’ into the fold. Their success resides in creating a viable option for the on the go consumer.

6. Innovative communication platforms

social media for communication - best free self publishing companies

Changing communication platforms


Reaching out to readers and real-time engagement facilitated by the emergence of social media has transformed the landscape of book marketing and promotion.They have essentially equaled the playing field and removed the huge money advantage enjoyed by the traditional publishers.

For indie authors and self-publishing companies, they represent the most cost-effective and high-impact option for author engagement. Additionally, they have helped the entrepreneurs to integrate their writing adventures with personal and business branding operations.

7. Higher profit margins

higher profit margins for authors- financial benefits of writing a book

high-Profit Margins

A key influencing factor that has led to the emergence of self-publishing and the waning of traditional publisher’s hold is the profit margins.

Conventionally, the writers used to get 8{d8666e85b374028b6ac4446e56863304f1d64a3868b42bc864ed010baccb0d0b} from the royalty of sales which works out to 8 cents for a book that costs $10. With self-publishing, writers retain 85{d8666e85b374028b6ac4446e56863304f1d64a3868b42bc864ed010baccb0d0b} of royalty from sales, which is $8.50 for a similarly priced book.

This margin is quite significant even if we calculate ROI keeping advances and expenses in mind.

Self-publishing with its ‘print on demand’ and ‘focus on digital’ options has effectively solved the inventory issue and found the sweet spot of revenue maximisation for the writers.

The Future of Publishing –

future of publishing- advantages of writing a book

Future of Publishing


Considering these large-scale changes over last decade, the future of publishing is brighter than ever. Definitely, consumption of books will change – but the essence and the position they enjoy is here to stay –

  • Print – Print may be down but it is not out. The print is not exactly on fire with the digital generation. But, still, other formats can’t match the prestige and magic of a hardcover book. With the option of ‘print on demand’, their affordability has definitely increased. They also have great value as possessions and objects of collection.
  • Digital – Ease of access and storage combined with ease of consumption has led to the rise of Ebook and Audiobooks. They will continue to occupy the market among tech-savvy and unconventional readers, who love the ‘on the go’ options. Even traditional publishing houses are shifting their focus from exclusively print to include digital copies.

The Books Factory Advantage

The publishing industry is undergoing a metamorphosis and become a highly accessible option across a diverse section of writers.

In this juncture, as one of the leading change agents in the publishing industry, The Books Factory is perfectly positioned to offer the best in technology and human resources to its writers –

  • We understand the needs of ‘unconventional’ writers – not only for assistance in writing the book but in achieving outcomes far removed from sales.
  • Our team of experts understand the latest trends across industries and will customise services across various publishing functions to achieve your objectives.
  • Our access to influencers across print, digital and Ebook formats makes sure that your book reaches the right audience.
  • Our proficiency and efficiency across various publishing activities minimise the time gap between writing, publishing, promotion, and returns.
  • Our ability to position your book and promote your personal brand will ensure that the benefits of the book continue long after the initial euphoria is over.
  • Our unique pricing and service customization options offer you the choice of tailor-made publishing choice that perfectly matches your needs and resources.
  • We believe in the power of your ideas to inspire the world and you will never have to look far for inspiration and fortification.

Choose The Books Factory as your partner in publishing your book. Stay ahead of the curve and achieve your unique objectives by writing the book of your dreams.

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