3 ways you can inspire trust in your brand among the online consumers

What is the one factor that differentiates brands with powerful online presence from all others?

You could say it is the product, or their customer service, the creativity of the online campaign, number of members and so on.

But, at the core of all online presence these brands,    without exception, is the fact that they enjoy the overwhelming digital trust of the consumer.

Overcoming Digital Distrust 

Online and digital media products and services have become an all-encompassing presence in our everyday lives. In spite of being easily accessible, the intangible nature of information and data security concerns often breeds a sense of mistrust in our minds.

This mistrust is about both reliability of the information we are presented and security of our personal data that we are sharing with online entities.

This mistrust is especially dangerous for small and medium brands. For these brands, customer distrust often results in loss of the equal footing they have in marketing and communication due to digital access to the consumers.

Additionally, lack of trust is a major factor in influencing repeat consumers and consumer recommendations.

As we are increasingly relying on online resources for all sorts of decision-making, having a trustworthy online presence is crucial for brands and entrepreneurs.

Because, in the digital world, along with great access comes the equally challenging task of conveying your authenticity and reliability to your consumer.

We at, The Books Factory, believe that ‘the online’ is the great equalizer and every entrepreneur needs to build a solid and trustworthy presence in order to achieve any degree of success there. So, we give you 9 powerful strategies that will help you build long-lasting consumer trust in your brand –

#1 – Build a Strong Social media presence

Build a Strong Social Presence in order to ways of increasing trust in e-commerce

Build a strong Social Media Presence

Social media platforms are a unique opportunity for brands and entrepreneurs to establish and maintain a consistent relationship with the consumers.

Through social media, brands can engage in real time with individual consumers from all over the world.

Your brand’s social media presence or lack thereof even has a direct effect on your overall online presence.

Even search engines like Google are incorporating content from social media in their search algorithms.

How can you build a strong social media presence for your brand?

First and foremost – share highly relatable and relevant content on a regular basis that addresses the particular needs of your consumers. Highly tailored content that delivers instant utility for the consumers is the cornerstone of building trust in your social media account.

Secondly, be genuine and responsive, especially while addressing the negative comments and offering solutions to consumer issues.

Thirdly, strive to develop relationships and collaborate with the influencers among your social media followers. Consumers will have greater trust in your brand if the recommendation comes from one amongst them.

#2 Write a Book

Writing and publishing a book is associated with examples of humanized brands

Write a Book

Writing and publishing a book is associated with the proof of knowledge, credibility, and expertise.

This is true not only within your industry but across various online and offline platforms. Additionally, writing a book often results in speaking engagements and guest appearances which are widely shared on online platforms. This will create both visibility and authenticity for the entrepreneurs and brands.

A book is your story – this often facilitates an opening for emotional connection with your readers. This connection goes a long way in establishing your authenticity and credibility as a relatable brand in the minds of the consumer.

How to build online trust with your book –

First of all, get a qualified publisher who can produce quality digital copies of your book – as an Ebook and audiobook. This helps you share the info about your book excerpts widely on online platforms.

Secondly, design a high impact, online positioning, promotion, and marketing plan that establishes the credibility of your book and your brand on online platforms.

Thirdly, Reach out to the audience in unconventional platforms (for example podcasts) and use your book as leverage to establish your brand’s authority and expertise.

#3 Build an Authentic Website

explain ways in which trust can be increased in your site and e-commerce site

Build an Authentic Website

A brand’s website is at the core of its online presence. A professionally designed website that incorporates your brand’s themes uniformly across various sections is a powerful tool in online trust building.

A simple to navigate website that exhibits authentic images and info – accurately representing your brand is your weapon for inspiring trust among visitors.


A website that enables the consumers a peek into your brand beyond commercials is your gateway to building long-term online trust.

So, how do you go about building an authentic website?

A good place to begin is the ‘About’ section of your website. Here you can share a humanizing story that helps the consumer emotionally connect with your brand. Also, share awards and recognition from third parties which will further establish your position. Ensure that your contact details are up to date and all links are working.

Secondly, formulate and share a clear-cut and secure privacy policy. This will address the data security concerns of your consumers and promote the feeling of trustworthiness of their data handling.

Thirdly, share consumer reviews with authentic details. Even if there is a negative comment, share it with info about how your customer service successfully addressed it.

Call to Action

Overcoming digital distrust is the need of the hour for brands and entrepreneurs. Having an authentic presence definitely goes a long way in establishing credibility and trustworthiness on digital platforms.

To know more about how a book can help you establish an authentic presence and build trust for your brand in the online community, schedule a 30- minute free strategy call with The Books Factory – Click Here.

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