6 simple steps to build an Online Brand

Online or digital platforms are the great equalizers

They essentially put the small and large businesses on equal footing when it comes to access to consumers.For a majority of small businesses and entrepreneurs, having a compelling online brand creates opportunities and visibility that is impossible in real life without considerable investment of resources.

Benefits of building a powerful online Brand

Increasingly, entrepreneurs and businesses are realizing that branding is a crucial component of business success. Obviously, in the digital age, online branding forms the core of business communications.

In this regard, we want to draw your attention to following specific benefits of having a powerful online brand –

  1.       A well-defined online brand attracts the right section of customers. The whole purpose of branding is to ensure that your ideal clients should be able to relate to your company’s profile.
  2.       An established online brand creates valuable visibility within the industry – laying the foundation for complementary players to find you and associate with you.
  3.       A clearly defined online brand helps to associate yourself with a market niche and solidifies your position as the specialist of product or services.
  4.       A well-known online brand brings widespread recognition and prestige for your business establishing your position as an industry leader.
  5.       A powerful online brand that has high visibility exudes credibility and confidence to your consumers.
  6.       Your online brand can help you leverage the existing following and popularity to launch new products/services or position yourself as a higher value business.
  7.       Online brand popularity can often be translated into real-life situations to boost your brand awareness.


Building Your Online Brand

Building an online brand is so much more than just stamping your logo on everything. Creating a brand presence that inspires instant recall and influences purchase decisions is an intricate process.

We have come up with 6 simple steps that will provide you clarity and direction about how you can go about establishing a high impact online brand.

Step #1 Define Your Brand

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Clarity of your brand is fundamental for real life or virtual brand building.

Your brand is the representation of your business principles and aspirations. A lack of clarity in this will leave both consumers and you confused.

Your brand goes much beyond your product service – it should represent your core values and your promises to the consumers. It should convey without confusion exactly what value you are offering.

A simple yet fatal mistake many businesses make while defining their brand is focusing on the features rather than the benefits. Consumers are so much less concerned with what your product is than what tangible improvement it can do for them.  

Moreover, it is important to weigh the benefits of the products in relation to consumer segments and decide on which ones you want to emphasize.

Step #2 Build a professional website

step by step simple and easy way to publish and promote your book- build website

A shoddy website does not make for a powerful online brand.

Your website is at the heart of your online presence. As such it needs to exude professionalism, inspire confidence and compel loyalty from the online visitors. Right from design to the information, it contains, the website should reflect your brand. All the information, especially contact info should be up to date. To establish credibility, display the certificates, awards or recognition that your brand has received from the industry and government.  

The about section should contain your brand’s story and put a human face to the impersonal product/service. Also, don’t forget to draw up and share a privacy policy that ensures data security and encourages visitors to share their info with you.

Provide links to your social media accounts and also mentions on other prominent websites – further vouching for the trustworthiness of your brand.

Step #3 Create Social Media Presence

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Social media platforms are where the online consumers are. So, it’s a no-brainer that building a strong social media presence is an important step in online brand building.

Today entrepreneurs are spoiled for choice when it comes to the type of social media.

But, this is also a double-edged sword. Carefully consider your brand’s image, Customer profile and online branding goals before zeroing in on the choice and degree of participation across social media platforms.

Make sure that the content you share across social media platforms is compelling and relevant.

Along with content, it’s important to ensure consistency in appearance (logo, colors) throughout your social media accounts in order to make your brand instantly recognizable.

Step #4 Develop and Implement consumer engagement strategy

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Branding does not exist in a vacuum – it evolves from consistent interactions with the consumers.

Considering this, using all your online resources for establishing strategic interaction mechanisms with your audience makes a lot of sense in online brand building.

The first step towards this is creating responsive digital and human support systems that actively engage with the consumers.

Simple things like answering customer queries in real time, offering practical solutions to product complaints or responding promptly to negative comments – all contribute to set your brand apart in the digital sea.

A strong social media presence also expands the reach of your brand to newer consumer segments. It will also help you continuously shape your branding messages and campaign in tandem with consumer expectations.

Step #5 Leverage influencers
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The digital revolution has paved the way for Influencers or opinion makers across social media platforms.

These are the consumers who have built a dedicated online following over long periods of time and hold considerable sway over their purchase decisions. Identifying these opinion makers and creating collaborations with them promoting and positioning your brand online.

Equally important is recognizing and encouraging your super fans on social media. These loyal consumers are often perceived as trustworthy and their reviews/feedbacks can help to establish the high-value proposition of your brand.

Businesses should create online campaigns and services that address the needs of these influencers in order to build a highly trusted presence online.

Step #6 Write a Book

Turning idea into a best selling books and make brand

We know, on the surface, writing a book seems quite unrelated to building an online brand building. But, we are talking in the changing context of ‘publishing’.

First of all, writing a book is associated with instant prestige, authority, and credibility. This will be a huge plus in establishing your brand’s authenticity. Additionally, your book is the opportunities for you to build an emotional connect with the consumers.

Now, coming to online, books are no longer limited to hardcovers and paperbacks. Books have gone digital – in the form of EBooks and Audiobooks. They have created access to non-traditional readers i.e. digital consumers. So, a book is the perfect weapon to reach these consumer segments.  


Call to Action

Building an online brand is non-negotiable for business success in the age of e-commerce and social media revolution. Brands and entrepreneurs can achieve this with the strategic investment of resources and amplify their business success.

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