Rich Dad Poor Dad – Timeless Financial Lessons by Robert Kiyosaki

As a publishing agency, we regularly come face to face with inspiring stories and take great pleasure in helping the authors in turning them into books that everyone wants to read.

But, even with our vast access, only occasionally do we come across books that fire the imagination of an entire generation. Books that have the power to literally change lives across geographical and age spectrums. Rich dad poor Dad is one such book.

What the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” taught us – 10 Timeless Financial lessons by Robert Kiyosaki

10 Timeless financial lessons by Robert Kiyosaki helps to How to write a book

What the “RICH DAD POOR DAD” Taught Us

Author Robert Kiyosaki grew up with two ‘fathers’ – The biological father aka poor dad and The mentor aka rich dad. Both of them were successful, hardworking and earned substantial incomes, but the poor dad always struggled financially.

Kiyosaki observed that the fundamental difference between the Rich Dad and Poor Dad was not about the amount of money they earned but in their thoughts and experiences. Out of his observations and life lessons, he crafted the book, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ which continues to be the timeless classic when it comes to personal finance.

Kiyosaki compares his ‘Poor dad’ to the people who are stuck in the vicious cycle of wanting more but unable realize their financial dreams due to one simple reason – lack of financial literacy. Robert feels that ‘can do’ attitude and ‘fearless entrepreneurship’ are the gateway to financial success.


Here are 10 transcendent financial principles by Robert Kiyosaki that will empower you to pursue true financial success –

  1. Income vs Assets – Financial success is not about earning money but keeping it. The only way to keep the money and make it work for you is to invest it in assets that give you high returns.
  2. Continue learning – For the majority, learning stops at the end of formal education. But, for financial success, it is crucial to keep learning how to manage your money.
  3. Think beyond salary – To be financially successful you need to look beyond the security and limitations of salary. You should aim for commissions, stock options, profit sharing or owning your business.
  4. Get comfortable with uncertainty – Becoming financial success demands calculated risk-taking. Add a dash of courage to your technical knowledge to get the best possible results.
  5. Your mind is your biggest asset – Money is not a solution, your financial intelligence is the solution. Train your mind to create options that will create opportunities.
  6. Stop fearing failure – When you stay safe from failure you are also missing on your shot a success. Every failure is a lesson learned that makes your brain sharper and future decisions smarter.
  7. Work to learn – The more you learn the more you will earn. You are often ‘one skill away from financial success’. Focus on acquiring skills and capabilities that empower you to earn money.
  8. Redefine financial literacy – Financial literacy is not about a fancy MBA or reading up scores of books. It is simply the study of managing one’s finances – developing the skills to identify your financial options and choose the ones with best returns.
  9. Invest – Investments are your opportunity to make your money work for you rather than you working to earn it. Investing is like planting a tree and taking care of it. Once it takes strong roots you can sit and enjoy the shade.
  10. Pay yourself first – Make yourself a priority when it comes to spending your resources, whether it is time, money or energy.

10 Paradigm Shifts proposed by Robert Kiyosaki

Paradigm Shifts Proposed by Robert Kiyosaki provide way to turning idea to write or publish a book

10 Paradigm shifts proposed by Robert Kiyosaki

We have been conditioned to think about money, earning it and investing it in a certain way thanks to our financial education (if we can call that).

Robert Kiyosaki challenges this limited thinking paradigms and offers an interesting attitude shift that will work no matter where you are in life. Here are 10 of those paradigm shifts –

  1. Is ‘the love for money the root of all evil’ – or is it ‘the lack of money the root of all evil’?
  2. ‘I can’t afford it’ is a statement that stops your brain from working. ‘How can I afford it?’ Is a question that makes us think, and puts our brain at work.
  3. One person says, ‘I am not rich because I have kids to support’ and another person says ‘I must be rich because I have kids to support’. One plays it safe, while the other learns to manage risks.
  4. Instead of giving your children everything, give them the question – “How can you afford it?”
  5. “It’s not how much money you make, It’s how much money you keep.”
  6. “The rich focus on their asset columns while everyone else focuses on their income statements.”
  7. “Job security meant everything to my educated dad. Learning meant everything to my rich dad.”
  8. “Often in the real world, it’s not the smart who get ahead, but the bold.”
  9. “Don’t work to earn money. Work to learn skills.”
  10. “In today’s fast-changing world, it’s not so much what you know anymore that counts, because often what you know is old. It is how fast you learn. That skill is priceless.”

Why we find ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ extremely relevant to our publishing experiences –

Why we find Rich Dad Poor Dad Extremely Relevant to our publishing experience

Why we Find “RICH DAD POOR DAD” Extremely Relevant to our Publishing Experience

As a publishing agency, we often come across great entrepreneurs, coaches, adventurers who have amazing stories to share. Stories that can add immense power to both their personal and business brands for a long time to come.

But, they are unable to look beyond the ‘book sales’ or ‘royalty’ paradigm and fail to see what a great book can do for their business – in terms of visibility, credibility and monetizing opportunity.

Many entrepreneurs fail to recognize the long-term and diverse ROI a book brings to their businesses and often miss out on a golden investment opportunity.

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We, at The Books Factory, believe that the principles of learning, taking bold decisions and thinking creativity are transcendent to all areas of business. In alignment with that, our publishing package aims to support our authors in the best possible ways to build a brand with long-term returns and earning opportunities by applying those principles.

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