Book Trailer – The future of digital promotion

At The Books Factory, we believe writing a brilliant book is only half the battle.

The true challenge for the majority of authors and publishers is to create right visibility for the book so that it reaches the right audience. Book trailer can help you to create visibility of your book.

In this regard, Book promotion strategies become the cornerstone of publishing a highly successful and bestselling book.

With digital advancements, the book promotion strategies have diversified and have thrived with the infusion of creative dynamism.The most natural meeting point of this viral digital promotion and Book promotion is the video trailer.

Benefits of A Book Trailer –

Benefits of a Book Trailer to publish your book

Benefits of a Book Trailer

The video is a high impact medium for creating visibility for your book among diverse sections of the audience. Here are 5 benefits of promoting your book with a book trailer –

    1. Exciting – Video is the medium of the future. It is short, shareable and exciting- hence fits in right with the time deprived on the go audience.
    2. Cost effective – Video trailer of your book is the one-time investment which will continue to work for you for long-term across all digital mediums.
    3. Immediate Buzz – Video is the best option for creating instant buzz across online social media platforms.
    4. Attract the new class of reader – For most entrepreneurs, their target audience is the non-traditional reader. A Digital medium like a video is apt for connecting with these readers.
    5. Adaptability – As smartphones are becoming the norm, lengthy texts on the 5-inch screen may not represent your book at its best. Whereas video format is highly adaptable across different sizes of mobile devices.



Effectiveness of A Video Trailer in Promoting Books

Effectiveness of the video trailer to promote and publish your Book

Effectiveness of a video trailer in Promoting Books

If you are still on the fence about effectiveness of the video trailer to promote your Book, Here are some statistics that will change your mind –

  1. Readers are 64{d8666e85b374028b6ac4446e56863304f1d64a3868b42bc864ed010baccb0d0b} more likely to purchase your book if they see a book trailer that effectively promotes your book. (Source: ComScore)
  2. Using a book trailer on a sales landing page can increase conversion rates by as much as 80{d8666e85b374028b6ac4446e56863304f1d64a3868b42bc864ed010baccb0d0b} (Source: Unbounce)
  3. Visitors to your author website stay an average of 2 minutes longer than on author sites that do not use video. (Source: ComScore)
  4. 92{d8666e85b374028b6ac4446e56863304f1d64a3868b42bc864ed010baccb0d0b} of mobile video viewers share videos with others. (Source: Invodo)
  5. Authors who use book trailer video in email campaigns can experience Open Rates [increases] from 19{d8666e85b374028b6ac4446e56863304f1d64a3868b42bc864ed010baccb0d0b} to 300{d8666e85b374028b6ac4446e56863304f1d64a3868b42bc864ed010baccb0d0b}! (Source: Forrester Research)

Creating an Effective Book Trailer Video

Marketing and Promoting your book through a Video- publishing companies

Creating an Effective Book Trailer Video

Marketing and Promoting your book through a Video has 2 important components –

  1. Video Creation
  2. Video Distribution

As a Publishing Agency, The Books Factory’s team of experts has successfully produced video trailers for books across diverse industries – from Food, spirituality, leadership to Self-improvement.

From our extensive experience, we have come up with a few sure shot pointers for creation and distribution of Book Trailer –

Tips for creating a Powerful Book Trailer 


  1. Create components specifically for the video – Your book trailer needs to stand head and shoulders above the fray of social media. It has to make both instant impact and lasting impression. To ensure this, your video needs to be original and fresh. To achieve this purpose, your Book trailer needs a specifically written video script, creative editing, and music that works with the theme of the video and book.
  2. Get Professional inputVideo is not only a popular format, video sharing platforms are highly crowded. To stay relevant to the search terms and be visible, your book trailer needs to compete with best of the best. Keeping this in mind, it’s a no-brainer that you need a professional with insight into producing the book trailer for your target audience on board.
  3. Representative – At the end of the day, the purpose of the video is to give a tantalizing glimpse of your book to the target reader. Even the best quality video can fail to do that if it does not deliver the content adequately. Your book trailer needs to match the content, style, and tone of the book.
  4. Brief and Succinct – Your book trailer should be ideally between 45 to 90 seconds long. In this time you have to tell about the USP of your book, your credentials and share info about where the readers can purchase your book.
  5. Inspiration  Here are some examples of powerful Book trailers to inspire you from The Books Factory’s collection –

Tips for Effective Distribution of your Book Trailer –

Here are 07 strategies that will help you reap the maximum returns from your Book Trailer –

  1. Share the video to your email list.
  2. Share the video link in your email signature.   
  3. Share the video prominently on your author website.
  4. Ask your publisher to promote the video on their website and blog.
  5. Share the video on all your social media platforms.
  6. Share the video on your Amazon Author profile.
  7. Share the video on discussion boards and forums relating to your industry and the content of your book.


As many of the Book publishing and promotion functions, your Book Trailer needs the professional touch – owing to its crucial ability to create a real buzz around the book and sheer labyrinth of options to be negotiated.

A publishing agency can help you not only produce a highly effective trailer but also to ensure high impact distribution. Moreover, they will save your time and resources by assisting you along the multitude of functions involved in the process.

To know more about creating a powerful Book Trailer Video, connect with The Books Factory’s Team – Schedule a free 30-minute strategy call Here.


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