How to find the best publisher for your Book?

How to find the best publisher for your Book?

 The question is not if you can find a publisher for your

  The question is, who will you choose to publish your book?

While you were busy writing the zillionth draft of your dream manuscript, the publishing industry has undergone a revolution of sorts.

Finding a publisher who will publish your book is no longer a herculean task. Now you can choose from a wide range of services and budgets to create the book of your dreams.

Additionally, if you want to leverage your book into a personal or business branding tool, finding a publishing agency.

Here are 9 criteria that will help you find the best publisher for your book –

1.Ability to understand your unique vision

As an authorpreneur, the outcomes you want to achieve may not fit into the goals of conventional publishing paradigm.

So, your publisher should be willing to think outside of the box and willing to give up his sales centered publishing objectives. Moreover, the publisher should be able to recognize monetizing and branding opportunities to create an optimal publishing package.

2. A competent team

Publishing a book involves a series of complex and simultaneous functions. As each of these functions is crucial in ensuring the success of your book, the publishing team across services becomes important.

You can easily check your publishing team’s credentials and track record either on publisher’s website or through fellow authors who have worked with them.

3. Range of services

Publishing successful book demands that you engage the publisher to perform a wide range of services. These services are highly specialized, often simultaneous and have to be addressed on a daily basis.

So, to minimise costs and maximise the cohesiveness across publishing functions, choose the publishing agency that provides end-to-end comprehensive service package.

4.Track record

An experienced publisher comes on board with a wealth of contacts. This connection and network will be a boon for you, especially during book promotion and positioning.

So, working with a publisher with proven track record in your industry or niche market will be one of the factors in guaranteeing your success.

5. Concrete outcomes

Your book’s outcome measurement is not as straightforward as sales numbers. In fact, you will be hiring the publishing agency to deliver diverse outcomes.

So, defining specific metric targets (for example number of followers on social media, number of reviews etc.) beforehand puts you in a position to assess the publisher’s performance. These clear-cut targets also enforce accountability for the publishing agency.

6. Flexibility

As the authorpreneur writing is not your sole activity nor is it your only source of revenue. The everyday demands of your entrepreneurial ventures cannot be put on the back burner on account of publishing commitments.

You should find a publishing agency who understands this and accommodates your business commitments throughout the publishing schedule.

7.Digitally Updated

Tech-savvy publisher plays a huge part in the success of your book – right from publishing ebooks and audiobooks, getting them onto online selling platforms, producing book trailers, and social media promotion etc.)

Your publishing agency’s failure to keep up with the demands of tech and digital innovations will cripple the effectiveness of your desired outcomes.

8.Diverse Portfolio

A publisher with a diverse portfolio across industries and different markets will expand your book’s reach and launch your brand to a wider audience.

This experience with a diverse range of writers also means that the publishing agency has the ability to create custom publishing packages that meet a variety of needs.

9.A publisher who is also a writer

This is not a must – but working with a publisher who has written and published successful books himself definitely has an advantage over those who haven’t.

Such a publisher will have an accurate understanding of your challenges, constraints and outcome expectation. You can also enjoy a kinship and better working relationship due to mutual kinship and similarity of experience.


Your book will act as your calling card and the representative of your brand for years to come. So, it is crucial to find the publishing agency that understands and delivers the outcomes you want to achieve.

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