Why you should go Digital with your book?

The world is increasingly becoming a digital village. Books are not an exception – digital book formats are increasingly gaining traction and becoming the preferred medium of publishing for indie authors.

Even the traditional publishers have woken up to its power and releasing Digital editions of hardcovers.

Why should you publish Ebooks and Audiobooks?

Selling your book online – in a variety of digital formats is a no-brainer in the context of the world that is increasingly becoming a digital village. Here are seven distinct benefits of publishing your book in EBook and audiobook formats –

    1. Global reach – Online selling creates a platform for you take your book to a global audience overcoming the time and space bottlenecks. Global market provides more opportunities for finding your ideal readers and building a wider audience base.
    2. Instant reward – Digital books bring in instant returns for the author as there is no waiting period between sale and revenue collections. Readers also can enjoy their purchase immediately.
    3. Profit margin – Digital formats have relatively lower publishing costs. This coupled with the minimal or no investment meant demand on distribution channels and agents etc. ensures that authors enjoy high-profit margins.
    4. Time-saving – The time gap between writing, publishing, and selling is bare minimal in digital formats. This also minimises your commitments and opportunity costs.
    5. Ease of publishing – Once you have the content of hard copy ready, digital publishing is only a matter of adaptation and tweaking.
    6. Ease of sharing – Digital book formats are much easier to share with readers as a free copy/excerpt or share to get reviews and blurbs.
    7. Keep pace with digital revolution– Digital is the future and adapting to it is crucial for staying relevant with changing times.

What are your options for digital publishing?

Authors have two options for taking their books digital 

  1. Ebooks – Ebooks have dedicated publishing platforms, formats, and exclusive devices.
  2. Audiobooks – Audiobooks are a great gateway to the listener-readers.


How can you ensure the success of your Digital books?


As with any publishing endeavor success of your ebook and audiobook lies in ensuring that it reaches the maximum number of right audience.

As a publishing agency behind several Amazon best sellers, The Books Factory, has extensive expertise in publishing and promoting digital formats across various formats.

Out of this experience, we have come up with a set of  8 basic strategies that will help you ensure your digital book’s success –

  • Get a professional onboard – Publishing your Ebook is much more complicated than just converting files. From finding right platform and format to devising promotions, a professional publishing agency will be your best ally.
  • Adapt for different devices – Your book’s formatting and structure should be compatible with various devices and formats. This will ensure best reading experience and add value to your digital book.
  • Cover design  – Get a high-quality cover design and relevant blurbs so that your book meets the publishing standards and makes a good first impression on the reader.
  • Launch with a bang – to stand out in the sea of digital books; you should launch the book with widespread visibility and buzz.
  • Promote on your author platforms – Promote your ebook on your author website, blog and social media pages with your audience.
  • Give excerpts/free samples – Give a few chapters for free download on your website and blog to incite audience interest.
  • Get reviews from online influencers – Get your book reviewed and recommended by digital influencers to create visibility with the digital audience.
  • Offer a discount – Offer your book at a discounted price to the readers to encourage early buyers.


Digital format is set to occupy a large chunk of the publishing pie in the years to come. Ease of access and convenience of consumption is making it gain prominence day by day.

Don’t miss out on the publishing success by missing out on the digital revolution. To know more about publishing successful ebooks and audiobooks schedule a free 30-minute strategy call with The Books Factory by Clicking Here.


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