Harness the power of speaking engagements for your book and your brand

Speaking engagements help the authors to build a promotional platform for their book and business simultaneously. They also provide an opening for creating an in-person impression on the various players in your industry.

As a publishing agency, we consider speaking engagements as a crucial component of both author promotion and brand building endeavors. We encourage and support our authors to find high profile speaking engagements and help them devise strategies to maximise their effectiveness.

Benefits of speaking engagements to authors 

Speaking engagements, when strategically planned as executed work as an excellent cycle of PR working to boost your author, personal and business brands –

  1. Speaking engagements help to establish your credibility and expertise as both an entrepreneur and an author.
  2. Speaking engagements are great opportunities for book promotion and sales to the industry audience.
  3. Speaking engagements are the ideal openings to connect with larger audiences and build a fanbase that will do word of mouth promotions for your book.
  4. Speaking engagements create high visibility and recognition for both the book and the author.
  5. Speaking engagements create ideal openings for expanding the networks to reach out to new clients and business opportunities.
  6. Speaking engagements let the authors collect niche audience database for future communication.
  7. Speaking engagements promote on location sale of hard copies.
  8. Speaking engagements help the authors build a personal and emotional connection with the audience.
  9. Speaking engagements are an excellent opportunity for extending your author platform to non-traditional mediums and different audiences.
  10. In the long term, speaking engagements are a viable income source.

Types of speaking engagements 

Here are eight types of speaking engagement options authors can pursue boosting their book and personal brand –

    1. Book signings – These are arranged in bookstores or local libraries wherein readers can interact with the authors. The author may have to do a book reading and a Q & A session. This is purely for offline book promotion and creates a good photo op for social sharing.
    2. Own event – These are the speaking engagements organized by authors for the hand-picked audience. These are structured around practical application of contents of the book. The purpose of such speaking engagements is to promote your potential as a speaker to a niche audience.
    3. Industry events/ conferences – You may be given the option to present the premises and solutions of your book on the industry forums. You may also be allowed put copies of your book on sale at the venue. These speaking engagements are crucial for establishing yourself as the industry thought leader.
    4. Workshops or seminars for organizations – You may be invited by agencies to conduct workshops or seminars for their teams around the themes of your book. You may have to tailor your content according to the specific outcome expectations of the client. These speaking engagements are ideal for expanding your contact base.
    5. Educational institutions – Colleges and universities often invite happening authors to speak to their students wherever their book’s theme fits into the broader learning objectives.


  • Speaker platforms – Exclusive speaker platforms like Ted talk are more likely to invite you to speak if you have an established author brand and can offer high-value insights. These are suitable openings to connect with an audience beyond your immediate industry circle.
  1. Radio & podcasts – You could be invited to record a show or hold a Q&A with the listeners of radio shows or podcasts. As these shows have an established audience base, this would be an excellent opportunity to create visibility for your book and brand.
  2. Virtual – These are webinars and live video sessions that can be streamed on social media and other author platforms. This will be a highly accessible online resource that establishes your expertise to potential clients.

How to make your speaking engagements useful

Here are six strategies that will help you attract and retain the audience’s interest in your talks –

  1. Design the content and structure of your speech around the needs of your audience.
  2. Don’t promote your book blatantly (unless it’s an exclusive book promotion event) instead, focus on sharing ideas from your writing.
  3. Make your content practical and actionable. Don’t share abstract theories.
  4. Create questionnaires, worksheets, etc. based on your book that adds value to the audience.
  5. Quote personal anecdotes and examples to make yourself relatable.
  6. Invite the audience to connect with you by sharing your contact details and author platform info.

How does a publishing agency help?

A publishing agency brings its network of high profile contacts for valid speaking engagements to the table. They also have exhaustive and updated market research which makes it easier to find and approach niche audience groups.


Your publishing agency can mount an integrated promotional campaign across your author platforms that will help to establish your credibility as a speaker long before your book is published. They will also work with the tech team to design your platforms to accommodate your practical speaking engagement needs.


Are you ready to take your book and personal brand to a broader audience through speaking engagements?

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