Why should every entrepreneur publish a book?

Visibility and attention, from consumers, media and industry is a non-negotiable component of business success.Whether you want to sell a product/service, attract the best talent to work for you, raise capital, gain media coverage or be recognized as a leader within the industry, you must earn and retain this vital interest.

This complexity of this task is augmented by today’s media overload landscape. You have to compete every day for space in reader’s mind and memory or run the risk of becoming just another update they scroll through.

Writing and publishing a book centered on your business principles and your journey is the unique opportunity that puts you in a position to meet the challenges of creating visibility for yourself and your business.

Why should every entrepreneur publish a book?

For entrepreneurs, writing a book is not only a creative endeavor but a commercial one.

If you look past the preconceptions traditionally associated with publishing like, the only way to earn money is through book sales, you will be able to see the innumerable benefits that writing a book can bring to your personal and business brand.Check out these 25 reasons why every entrepreneur should write and publish a book –

  1. Being an author is associated with high prestige – it brings instant authority, credibility, and expertise.
  2. Your book helps you get media coverage on channels which might not have been traditionally open for your business.
  3. Your book brings the consumers and clients to you rather than you going out searching for them.
  4. Your book is a multipurpose marketing tool that helps you translate the exposure gained into sales, media, authority, etc.
  5. Your book will help you create visibility and buzz even in saturated markets.
  6. Your book will help you stand head and shoulders from the competition regarding visibility, recognition, and access to consumers.
  7. Your book can create a market for a physical product associated with your author brand.
  8. Your book can help you launch a coaching or consulting product line as an extension of the existing business or a whole new revenue stream.
  9. Your book can be the platform for you to create information products like a video or email course.
  10. Your book helps to share your story with the audience, making you relatable to them on a personal level. This helps you build an emotional connection with the consumer that goes beyond commercials.
  11. Your book helps you earn customer trust and loyalty for your entrepreneurial venture even before they buy or even know about your product.
  12. The trust and audience loyalty earned through your book will be a great boost for you in launching a new product from your business.
  13. Your book can be the platform for raising your profile within the industry circles and help you find like-minded collaborators and partners for the future business ventures.
  14. Your Book helps you demonstrate your track record and potential, which in turn helps you draw investors attention.
  15. Your book helps you establish your position as the thought leader in the industry. This will help you get speaking appearances and be included on industry’s panels at various events.
  16. Your book will create a different level of networking opportunity for your brand both within and outside the industry.
  17. Your book can help you find Your author brand value is often attached to your entrepreneurial business brands by association.
  18. Your book can inspire and attract the best talents to work for you.
  19. Your book will be your gateway to new and diverse sections of consumers with the access it creates to digital and audiobook consumers.
  20. Your book will put you in a position to promote your business on book promotion appearances by creating an association between your product/service and the content of the book.
  21. Your book can help you create additional sources of revenue like workshops, coaching, consulting etc.
  22. Your book and author platform can help you build an email list of dedicated and loyal followers.
  23. Writing your book could help you launch a serious writing career to complement your business endeavors or to follow a childhood passion.
  24. Writing book can give you creative satisfaction by giving an outlet for your ideas and writing talent.
  25. Your book will be your legacy – it will help you leave a piece of yourself behind and continue to matter long after you are gone.

Publishing a book as an entrepreneur – things to remember

Publishing a book is a unique and challenging endeavor. Here are three-pointers that you should keep in mind before undertaking a writing adventure –

  1. Get a professional publishing agency on board – if writing and publishing is not your business, you will lack the experience, expertise, and resources to meet the unique challenges of publishing. If you falter in any one of the vital publishing functions like book design, promotion, positioning, etc., it will damage both your book and business.
  2. Look beyond book sales – your book opens up both you and your business to several related and new revenue streams. Have solid monetization plans across diverse channels to maximize the earning potential of your book.
  3. Write for your niche – Focus the content of your book around the needs of your niche audience for best outcomes. Writing for larger sections dilutes the focus and fails to achieve the goals of your business and brand.

Writing and publishing a book is a masterstroke that can skyrocket your visibility, establish instant authority, build deeper connections with target consumers and create a buzz around your brand. Publishing your book is not the culmination of your success – it is the first step on the road to your achieving your ambitions and goals as an entrepreneur.

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