Anatomy of your Book Cover

Your book’s cover is your best and most probably the only chance to persuade the prospective reader to pay attention to your book. This is true for both online and offline sales.

Great covers draw reader’s attention, arouse an emotional response, hint at the genre, theme, and style of the content, and showcase the overall desirability of the book. A well- designed cover assures the reader about the quality and worthiness of the content inside. The key to a successful cover is to maintain harmony and cohesiveness among the cover elements to achieve overall impact. 

Here is a brief look at the four major elements of book cover to get you started 

1.Book title and subtitle 

Your book title should be precise, catchy and easy to remember – save the explanations for the subtitle. Your title and subtitle  together should also represent the central theme of the book, so that the reader knows prima facie what to expect from your book

For instance, check out the title of the cookbook “The Miser Chef” – the title clearly implies this is a cookbook for people on a budget ( note the clever wordplay on ‘miser’) and the subtitles give more explanation – 125 healthy slow cooker recipes. Together the title and the subtitle imply that book gives healthy recipes for busy people on a budget. IN online sales also keywords like chef, healthy, recipe etc catch the attention of the right target consumer.

2.Cover Image 

Your book’s cover image is perhaps the first thing the reader notices, even before the title. The purpose of your book cover powerfully reinforces the central theme and give a glimpse into the potential benefit of your book to the readers so that they are compelled to turn to your book synopsis and the blurbs recommending your book.


Take a look the cover image of “Against the odds” – The man on the top of the mountain with the thumbs up sign clearly indicates that the author has scaled the mountain of odds and succeeded. The image reinforces the feelings of success and achievement. This cover gives that clear indication of being an inspirational and motivational book and underlines the promise made by the title and subtitle.

3.Book summary

This is the back cover element that piques readers interest and curiosity in order to influence their purchase decisions. If your book is fiction/novel it should give just enough outline and juicy details of the plot to draw the reader in. If your book is nonfiction, then you should highlight your credibility and specific benefits the readers can derive from your book.Check out the book summary of the book – Need a book’s back cover published by Books factory.

4.Reviews and recommendations

The endorsement and reviews by prominent personalities and publications is a crucial part of building reader trust. This will augment the perceived value of the book in the minds of the prospective reader by reinforcing your book’s worthiness. Choose the most positive reviews by personalities and publications well known to your target reader segment.

Have a look at the reviews and endorsements on the cover of –  Need a book’s back cover published by Books factory.

To know more about the importance of a well-designed book cover and general principles guiding cover design from a publishing industry insider like The Books Factory, check out the blog post – Your book’s cover, success or failure of your book.

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