How Shubham Kumar Urged Aspiring Entrepreneurs Worldwide to Take the Plunge

Just like any average teenager, Shubham Kumar left his hometown in Jharkhand to pursue “The Great Engineering Dream” only to realize he wasn’t cut out for it. He found himself stuck in the rat race and couldn’t see himself continuing. So one day, he decided to stop and listen – listen to himself, his soul, and his true calling – Entrepreneurship!

Sometimes, life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you! And that’s exactly what Shubham did. But almost all the odds were against him when he started – he was just fifteen, had no business background whatsoever, and was on the verge of being broke! His only supports were his parents – perhaps the most important weapon in helping him to succeed.

Shubham spent the next few months venturing into his online business. Coming from a town that hardly had any opportunities and with a computer that constantly crashed, there was no one to guide him through this struggle. His friends had already given up on him, considering him weird. Things seemed to worsened even more – he wasn’t making any money and was losing all that he had!

With a few bumps and bruises in the first year of hit and miss, he made his first sale of $220

That was his first taste of success! And there was no looking back – he slowly paved his way to establishing a substantial business, coached several people, hired mentors to coach him with new fields in the business, and eventually got established on e-commerce.

That was his major turning point – after hustling around for the next six months in e-commerce, Shubham made his biggest breakthrough in August 2016 by earning around 1 million USD within two consecutive months!

He was 18 when he made around 2 million USD within a year!

Today, Shubham Kumar is a self-made entrepreneur who runs a stable e-commerce business and coaches several people about making money online.

But despite the enormous success, wealth, and luxuries, deep inside, Shubham knew that this was not how he wanted to end the story. He wanted to make a difference in the lives of people like him. He wished to be a ray of hope to all those budding entrepreneurs out there who were sweating their blood each day but didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

I needed to tell them that things get worse before they get better and that shouldn’t stop them from keeping up the game,” he says.

He believed that only by narrating his story, he would stand by all those people who were relentlessly working hard for a triumph.

He wanted his story to be told.

Shubham decided to take his legacy forward by writing a book!

He realized that only a book could give a vivid picture of his journey and make an impact on the readers. It’s the only way he’d be able to share his wisdom.

In the beginning, Shubham started writing his book in the traditional way. After an exhausting workday, the idea of spending a few more hours in outlining and positioning his ideas itself seemed to be an arduous task – let alone actually writing the book!

Even on days, he goaded himself to write, he struggled to sketch his ideas out. He would type a paragraph or two and then glare at a blank screen. It was infuriating.

Moreover, he didn’t know anything about editing, designing the layout, or publishing.

Shubham came across The Books Factory and knew this was what he was looking for!

Shubham chose The Books Factory with the idea of getting his book ready. But as they started working together, he realized he was in for a lot more than he was expecting!

Working with The Books Factory came to me as a huge relief! I never needed to worry about my book again. Their team has been so friendly and patient in getting all of my ideas together. I knew the book is going to serve the purpose it was intended for

Finally, after 3 months of being surrounded by a professional publishing team, his book Against the Odds was born.

The book was a success in all the ways he wanted!

The story of this millionaire teenager garnered a lot of attention that drove a flood of book sales! The Books Factory takes no royalties of the book, providing Shubham full rights on his masterpiece, which enhanced the book sales further. All of this eventually made this possible:

Within just a day of launch, the book escalated to the Amazon Best Seller status!



The book outranked all the others and stood as a Bestseller in two categories on Amazon – “Entrepreneurship” as well as “Startups.”

Not just that, Against the Odds has been featured in Hot New Releases (provide the link here) as well!

The book straightaway catapulted Shubham’s business to a whole new level!

After the book’s release, Shubham noticed a dramatic spike in attention – more than half of his new clients have read the book, leading to a substantial increase in the core business (and revenue, of course). His coaching clients have tripled in number since then and he experienced a hike in the conversion rate as well.

Most importantly, Shubham’s primary goal of touching people’s live came true!

All of the attention is nice, but ultimately, Shubham’s goal was to instil a belief among the young entrepreneurs that they’re capable of living a life they’ve always dreamt of. It’s just that they shouldn’t give up the fight until they win the battle.

Never trade your dreams for anything. Living a life at the cost of your dreams is cruel. The only thing you can’t do is something you never tried to do. If you dared to dream it, you sure could make it happen as well

Finally, he winds up by saying,

“If I could do it, you can do it too!“

That’s what a book can do for you!

Wishing to transform lives through a book like Shubham did? Let’s discuss!

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