Benefits of Being a Author

Advantages of being a Writer

“Once upon a time, there was a prostitute called Maria.

Wait a minute. ‘Once upon a time’ is how all the best children’s stories begin and ‘prostitute’ is a word for adults. How can I start a book with this apparent contradiction?”

That’s how Paulo Coelho’s book “Eleven minutes” begins.

And we can’t argue, being an author is COOL.

And not only that…

This excerpt is the beginning paragraph taken from the famous Coelho’s bestseller – Eleven Minutes. It shows a creativity an author can foretake to make his idea stick, into readers minds. Make them love his product, remember the author, and spontaneously building the credibility of expertise in our minds. Just as this book did with me – I still remember Eleven Minutes, and its infamous beginning even though I’ve read it more than ten years ago. Unlike hundreds of other read books that didn’t leave me with significant emotion feeling wonderful, nor a pleasant thing that could make them stick into my memories.

Relax, we can learn this too.

Fasten your seatbelt we’re ready to launch!

Even though authoring a book and be on the niche is a big investment in time, effort, and money, in the end, it has a lot of benefits. With the writing, editing, proofreading, design and production work required to publish a book, it can take years before it’s done, and if you can’t write yourself, hiring ghostwriter may cost you a car. The struggle pays off!

Becoming an author is worth it, even when it takes years and costs thousands!

Because writing a book is such a big project, people often dream about doing it but don’t actually get it done because they get stuck along the way. We strive to change that and that’s why at The Books Factory we love to offer any help necessary.

Fun facts:

  • 96% said having a book positively influenced their business;
  • 96% generated more clients;
  • 94% generated more leads;
  • 87% attracted a more desirable client base;

These statistics are from a few years ago, but they’re still pretty fantastic!

1)Spread the word

Writing a book is one of the best ways to share your story and experience with the world. It allows you to reach audiences unlimited by geographic and economic status. There are other ways to do this too, but a book has more tremendous value because it’s an object and extension of oneself.

2)Help Others

Your skills and expertise may seem familiar and usual with yourself since you’re accommodated with them but to others, they may be like a treasury. That’s why it’s a good thing to share them in a book, and help others along the way. Becoming an author allows you to reach and help far more people than you could reach in real person.

3)Become an Expert

You may have heard the saying “your goals aren’t goals until you write them down on paper”. It’s similar to books. Even if you know what you are talking about until you’ve written about it, it’s harder for other people to understand you properly. So just the process of writing a book adds to your expertise a lot!

Becoming an author let others know you’re the expert!

4)Passive Income from Royalties

If we see book writing from the lengths of your income strategy, a book is something you write once and can make money from as long as you keep it in print. Of course, books don’t sell if you don’t market and promote them.

Don’t worry, we can help you with that At The Books Factory.

5)Get Publicity and Media Attention

Getting media attention may be a difficult task, whether is just for trying to share your story or try to get your business mentioned somewhere. A book is like a lead magnet, and a decent benefit of you being an Author.

Journalists are always looking for experts to interview, and that’s your chance to be reviewed in newspapers and magazines too. Any invitations for a radio or television show? With a book, you’ll have for sure!

6)Unexpected Opportunities

Perhaps the best benefit of becoming an author, according to us at The Books Factory! When you become an author, you’ll never know who will read it and what opportunities and coincidences it may unfold. You could be delivering the next TED Talk or even more.

Become an Author, and get the tons of advantages now!


With our easy 12-step Done For You publishing, we always love to help you publish. Whether you’re an established author or just a newbie. We help people with vision and we believe, you might be one of us…

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