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Gary Wittmann

Author of Timothy Bottom Rules

I became a #1 Best-selling author not once, but twice!

I became a #1 Best-selling author not once, but twice! The Books Factory also helped me get featured on plenty of media sites including ABC, NBC & FOX. If you’re looking to share your experience, knowledge, and message with the world. If you’re looking to build authority in your niche, get customers, establish credibility and position yourself as an expert: Then Reach out to The Books Factory!

Girish Saansgiri

Author of The Miser Chef

The Books Factory has an amazing publishing team!

When I contacted The Books Factory for the first time, I just had a rough idea of what my book should be like. Looking at the completed product in my hand today, it feels like it is not an indie book but was created by a team of seasoned publishing industry professionals from a big-time publishing house!

Shubham Kumar

Author of Against the Odds

The Books Factory helped me become a Best-Selling Author

I wanted to write a book on my entrepreneurial journey but I did not know exactly how to start writing. I would slog myself to write but I struggled to sketch my ideas out. I would type one paragraph or two and then glare at a blank screen. It was beyond frustrating. Then I approached The Books Factory and their team turned my ideas and story into a best-selling book in just 3 months. Working with them came to me as a huge relief! I never needed to worry about my book again.

Marilyn Gordon

Author of The Wise Mind

I recommend The Books Factory Highly!

The Books Factory is ably led by Vikrant, a highly qualified coach and an entrepreneur in the self-publishing field. A talented writer and a product creator, he has produced outstanding books and educational programs on personal development, business, and publishing. I recommend The Books Factory highly, simply for its contribution to help people pursue success in their writing and business careers.

Mark Furlong

Author of Experience God in Prayer

The Books Factory helped me become a leader in my field

With The Books Factory, I got a professional book done within three months. It helped me transform myself from an industry professional to a best-selling author and a leader in my field. All thanks to the amazing team at The Books Factory