5 Tips for Creating Content People Want to Read

3 Powerful strategies to Share your Brand’s story with consumers

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Alt title – share your brand’s story with consumers


What makes your consumer tick ?


This is the million dollar question all businesses and brands need to answer throughout their lifecycle if they aim to achieve any success at all.


Staying connected with consumers is non negotiable and central to product development, promotion and sales.

How Shubham Kumar Urged Aspiring Entrepreneurs Worldwide to Take the Plunge

Just like any average teenager, Shubham Kumar left his hometown in Jharkhand to pursue “The Great Engineering Dream” only to realize he wasn’t cut out for it. He found himself stuck in the rat race and couldn’t see himself continuing. So one day, he decided to stop and listen – listen to himself, his soul, and his true calling – Entrepreneurship!

Sometimes, life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you! And that’s exactly what Shubham did. But almost all the odds were against him when he started – he was just fifteen, had no business background whatsoever, and was on the verge of being broke! His only supports were his parents – perhaps the most important weapon in helping him to succeed.

How Gary Wittmann’s Best Selling Book Brought a Sensitive Issue to the Mainstream

Gary Wittmann, a professional storyteller, has been writing and telling stories all his life. Having been a special education teacher for over 33 years, he’s an expert in understanding children’s needs. But there was one issue he frequently came across with students – bullying.

With statistics showing that more than 25% of kids experience bullying, he knew it was time to set things straight. He decided to make a change by helping children overcome bullying and develop high self-esteem and a healthy emotional outlook on life. He believed that every child deserved to be the champion that he/she is and it was his responsibility as a teacher to walk them through the path of success.

“The statistics shocked me. I knew bullying was prevalent in schools, but the high numbers nudged me to take action. I wanted to make an impact on students’ lives by helping them grow into healthy, contributing members of society.”

Harness the power of speaking engagements for your book and your brand

Speaking engagements help the authors to build a promotional platform for their book and business simultaneously. They also provide an opening for creating an in-person impression on the various players in your industry.

As a publishing agency, we consider speaking engagements as a crucial component of both author promotion and brand building endeavors. We encourage and support our authors to find high profile speaking engagements and help them devise strategies to maximise their effectiveness.

Demystifying Books: The Advantages You Probably Never Thought Of!


“In 44 BC, Cicero, the Roman Republic’s great orator, wrote a book for his son Marcus, called as De Officiis (On Duties). The book portrayed the views of various Greek philosophers – it talked about living a moral life, balancing virtue with self-interest and having an impact.

Litte did Marcus know that this book wouldn’t just change his life, but would renovate the entire Rome! 

De Officiis was read and studied throughout the rise of the Roman Empire and survived the subsequent fall. It shaped the thought of Renaissance thinkers like Erasmus; centuries later it still inspired Voltaire, the famous French philosopher.

“No one will ever write anything more wise”, he said.

Ever wondered what would have happened if intellectuals never documented their studies? How would the world be if our ancestors never shared and propagated their ideas with the succeeding generations?

10 things I wish I knew before publishing my book!

You think writing a book is hard?

Try publishing – it will make writing feel like child’s play.

Publishing a successful book often involves connecting the right dots on writing, editing, design, printing, promotion, and sales.

This can be overwhelming to the uninitiated – you will often feel as if you have walked into a zero degree weather in a swimsuit.

Having the right preparation not only makes the process as painless as possible, it will ensure that you end up with the book you had in mind at the beginning.

Here are 10 things I wish I knew before writing and publishing my book in order ensure best outcomes and minimal hassle through the process 

Books – The biggest Content Marketing tool for all budding Entrepreneurs.


‘Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.’

The keyword here is “valuable.” There are thousands of types of contents used every single day by businesses all around the globe most of which goes to spam. But content marketing focuses on spreading valuable data so as to increase sales, ensure cost savings and acquire customers who are in need of your business and its services.