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PLEASE NOTE: We guarantee a professionally crafted, best-selling book within 6 months. Our services are highly coveted and reserved EXCLUSIVELY for our most passionate and committed clients.

In order to preserve the quality and effectiveness of our service, we only accept a limited number of clients who meet the following criteria:

✔️ Believe in their book idea

✔️ Willing to invest in a professional publishing service that strives to fully encapsulate the personality, message and vision of its clients in their own best-selling book.

✔️ Have a desire to build their brand, get more clients, grow their business, establish themselves as an authority in their industry, get more speaking opportunities or share their message to help more people.

✔️ Ready to start NOW, provided it’s a good fit for both YOU and The Books Factory.

Again, slots are limited so to ensure we are speaking to seriously interested candidates only, we would like to verify your level of interest at this time.

This call is with one of our Author Development Strategists. They will determine if we are both a great fit to work with each other or not. If we can help you on your publishing journey, we will discuss our services in more detail.

The Books Factory offers a 12-Step Done-for-You Service, which takes 6 months to create a professional looking best-selling published book.

Mission of the Book


Every book needs a plan, so we brainstorm with you until your book’s ideas, goals, purpose, intention, and audience are all clear. Then we create an outline, a hook, and a mission for your book.

Book Writing


Your dedicated Angel Writer will interview you for each chapter, until the best of what you have to say is turned into text with a tone and style that reflects your message, personality, and brand.

Book Editing


Our book editor will ensure that everything is error-free, well-organised, and flowing smoothly. Then they’ll revise it to include your requested changes, creating something that you can be truly proud of.

eBook Formatting


We format your book to look great on all eBook readers, converting the text and images into an attractive, easy-to-read layout that keeps readers happy and engaged.

Paperback Interior Design


Our book interior designer will cast a professional eye over every section of your manuscript (foreword, dedication, chapters, etc.) to create an attractive layout that enhances the reading experience.

Book Cover Design


They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but everyone does! So, our book cover designers will make sure that yours looks good enough to display on anyone’s shelf.

Book Trailer Video


We will create a stunning one-minute trailer video of your book to generate enthusiasm among potential readers and inspire them to buy a copy.

Publishing & Distribution


We will publish the paperback and eBook versions of your book on Amazon, giving you an ISBN, author bio, and book description, so you’ll be a full-fledged author and available everywhere.

Verified Reviews


We will send your book to Amazon’s top reviewers, along with others who may be interested in its topic to help you get early reviews that create a buzz.


Book Marketing


We will execute a seven-day promo cycle to advertise your book on more than a dozen websites. We will also be shouting about it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to help drive sales and generate interest.

Best Seller Rank


We will help you become a best-selling author with our book launch plan, ensuring that your book reaches the #1 position in at least one category on Amazon.

Press Release Distribution


We will feature your book in press releases to more than hundred of media sites, including the top-tier newswires (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, etc.) positioning you as the go-to expert in your field.

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Author Success Stories

Clients who have become best-selling published authors have transformed their business and life. This is our mission and our guarantee. We would like to offer you this same opportunity.

If you believe in your book idea, you want to known as an expert in your industry OR expand your influence, and are willing to invest in a professional publishing service, please, please fill out the form below with your name and email address and hit "Yes, Confirm My Booking". 

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