Demystifying Books: The Advantages You Probably Never Thought Of!


“In 44 BC, Cicero, the Roman Republic’s great orator, wrote a book for his son Marcus, called as De Officiis (On Duties). The book portrayed the views of various Greek philosophers – it talked about living a moral life, balancing virtue with self-interest and having an impact.

Litte did Marcus know that this book wouldn’t just change his life, but would renovate the entire Rome! 

De Officiis was read and studied throughout the rise of the Roman Empire and survived the subsequent fall. It shaped the thought of Renaissance thinkers like Erasmus; centuries later it still inspired Voltaire, the famous French philosopher.

“No one will ever write anything more wise”, he said.

Ever wondered what would have happened if intellectuals never documented their studies? How would the world be if our ancestors never shared and propagated their ideas with the succeeding generations?

The objective of inscribing thoughts and ideas on something that could last for ages and enlighten people – which is now called a Book – has revolutionized this world in ways.Books are the quintessential inventions of mankind. They are a technology in their own right, one developed and used for the refinement and advancement of thought. And this technology is powerful, long-lived and an adaptable one.

Books are the quintessential inventions of mankind. They are a technology in their own right, one developed and used for the refinement and advancement of thought. And this technology is powerful, long-lived and an adaptable one.

Books, especially good ones, have a sort of power. If you let them, they can serve as another compass or guide, or give you a lift when you need it the most

But is that all books can offer us? Let’s check out!


Books are immortal!

Books Are Immortal that provides financial benefits of writing a book

Books Are Immortal

The book you are reading may have been written decades ago, in another country, maybe even in another language by a person who lived a completely different life. You might have never met this person in reality – and yet, you will connect with this person and will have a conversation with him! And voila, you might have found a new friend!

Through his book, this person continues to talk to every individual holding it and is probably leaving an imprint on the reader’s mind – all this not just when the author’s living but also after that!

This is where the strength of the book lies in – an author always lives through his book. A good book leaves a mark on this world, and so does its author!


Books transform lives!

advantages of writing a book that transform lives in book

Books transform lives

Everyone can think of that one book wherein they could identify themselves with a character. That one book that gave them the courage to stand up for themselves no matter how difficult the going gets. The book which helped them articulate their thoughts, emotions and helped them find a voice.

If not for such books, we would’ve never given wings to our imagination. We would never make an effort to empathize with people different from us. We’d never have a wholesome perspective about things that matter to us.

We’d never challenge ourselves!

Books enrich your life, and your life changes because of it!

Enlighten you with a different perspective!

Enlighten you with a different perspective

Enlighten you with a different perspective

Imagine the world without Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”? The world would continue to let others dominate it, rather than appreciate and reinforce independent, rational thinking. Hadn’t Robert Kioysaki written the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, there would still be people thinking that “a house is the biggest asset one can possess”.

Books like these have not merely weathered the history; they have helped shape it. They challenged the beliefs that existed, shone a light on one’s core beliefs and broadened one’s perspective.

Being able to read and exchange ideas sparked the Reformation; it was central to the enlightenment and the rise of science. No army has ever accomplished more than a book has, no priest or prince has mattered as much!

If there’s a single weapon that can turn the entire world upside down, it is and will always be a book!

These authors are all people like you who realized the power of a book and came forward to share their ideas. If you too have such an idea, which you think might revolutionize the world, tell us – The Books Factory. Just share your ideas with us and lay back, we’ll turn it into a magnificent book.

Who knows? You could be the next Ayn Rand!


Make you smarter!

facts about being an author that Make your smarter

Make your smarter

When you’re reading, you are on the receiving end of a wire transfer of knowledge. This other person, the writer, is imparting something, at the very least one thing, you didn’t have before: a fact, a theory, a point of view, an emotion. They are letting you into a psyche (theirs, the main character’s) and letting you on in some secrets.

With books, you will explore those untapped connections in your brain and gain knowledge on a variety of topics. You will slowly stand as an individual that can talk about anything under the sun, while still being humble.

You will eventually realize that knowledge breeds confidence, probably the most important difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

 If you too wish to be successful by having a book in your name, talk to us – The Books Factory. We’ll be more than happy to see you succeed!

Liberate you!

facts about being an author who Liberate you

Liberate you

Reading helps you calm down. Once you start digging into a book, you unwind. You forget about the deadlines to be met or the bills to be paid. Time ceases to exist, your mind is completely immersed in what is in front of you.

As with anything that engages your attention, books make you stop rushing from one point to another point. The worries, anguish, fear, and anxiety are forgotten all the while, with your only worry being what’s on the next page!

Books help you find some solace in them and help you cure a bad day or maybe a bad phase of life. They breed this idea of everything will work out eventually. They set you free from the shackles of life!

They truly liberate you!

Help you find yourself!

advantages of writing a book that Helps you find yourself

Help you find yourself

Few books make you cry, wince and laugh along with them. Few books helped you relate to a character or evoked you of your past, shone a light on your core beliefs or lit up that dim hope you carry.

Few books comfort you with this sense of belonging – they remind you that you’re not alone, your struggles and dreams are shared!

The words written by a likely stranger helped you connect with the person you ought to know the best – yourself!

The more you read the more you educate yourself, on yourself by finding what rings true for you!

 Learning from your mistakes is intelligence, but learning from others’ mistakes is brilliance. If there’s one thing you’ll invest in today that gets you returns in ways unimaginable (with an added addition of no losses as well!!) – it is a Book!

Although the definition of what counts as a book will evolve and expand; the sense of books as a fundamental flow of culture will endure.

Books will continue to touch lives and change the world.

Still wondering if books can transform the world? Let’s discuss!

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