Social Media Platforms: The Best Way to Promote Your Books

Do you have a book and plan to post it on social media? You are making the right choice!

Launching a book using social media makes it easy for your audience or the community to spread the word and let more people know about your book. This way, just by promoting the books on social media platforms alone is more than enough for you to find customers that you didn’t even know existed, or let your customers find YOU.

Using social media is one of the best ways to connect with fellow writers, experts, fans or customers, and industry professionals. This way, you can not only be led to having writing opportunities but also gain friends who give you mutual support.

However, in promoting your books, the general rule is that your social media feed should only contain about 20% to 30% promotional posts to prevent people from unfollowing you. 70% to 80% should be about everyday things like your rants, opinions, even writing struggles and achievements. This is to let people relate to you which is why they follow you.

The importance of positioning for a Book


Position. Position. Position.

As with real estate (location.location.location.) Positioning is the magic mantra that provides the ultimate guarantee for the success of your book.

Positioning is at the heart of building your personal brand and business brand through your book. It is the one factor that decides whether your book reaches your audience and ultimately achieves the desired outcomes.

So, what exactly is ‘position’ regarding your book?

‘Position’ is the place your book occupies in the mind of the consumer.

It is basically the total of value that the consumers associate with your writing, influencing their purchase and engagement decisions. Positioning is audience centric and built from the perspective of the prospective reader rather than the author.

Your book’s positioning strategy will decide who your audience is and what media and reviews are best to establish your book’s image in their minds.