Why you should get an exclusive Author Website?

   An Author website is a dynamic organism.

It is not enough for it to exist – it must perform and respond towards achieving your Book’s goals.

It has to work from day one but also evolve with the writer. It also has to act as the central node for all online presence and also act as the guiding star for offline positioning. This exact nature and multitude of functions are what makes author website a challenge for most writers.

As a publishing agency, we have helped writers from diverse industries and genres to establish and profit from author websites.

Book Trailer – The future of digital promotion

At The Books Factory, we believe writing a brilliant book is only half the battle.

The true challenge for the majority of authors and publishers is to create right visibility for the book so that it reaches the right audience. Book trailer can help you to create visibility of your book.

In this regard, Book promotion strategies become the cornerstone of publishing a highly successful and bestselling book.

With digital advancements, the book promotion strategies have diversified and have thrived with the infusion of creative dynamism.The most natural meeting point of this viral digital promotion and Book promotion is the video trailer.

Publishing Evolution and The Books Factory Advantage

        Creating a book is simple, Publishing a book is complicated.

Most of us can write a book – even get it printed. But publishing is a different animal – it involves design, publicity, marketing, research and even actual selling.

The complexity and the necessity of such operations have traditionally given publishers a lot of power over writing processes and creativity.

Not anymore! The publishing industry is undergoing a transformation – that too in favor of the writers.

Publishing a book is more accessible, cost-effective, professional and purpose-oriented than ever. As more and more players are taking the initiative to experiment with new formats of publishing and adventurous avenues for reader outreach, the face of publishing as we have known is changing.

Writers – conventional and unconventional, across diverse industries are taking advantage of the publishing revolution.