How to Leverage your Book into a Business Empire – The Tim Ferriss Example

   Tim Ferriss is unique among self-help authors.

The biggest difference between him and the most run of the mill self-helpers is that His advice works. And this is a pleasant surprise for the majority of readers.

As a publishing agency, we come across someone whose life ‘4 Hour Workweek’ changed at least once a week. And we take inspiration from Tim’s timeless and highly transferable principles on a regular basis.

Of course, our inspirations don’t stop at his ‘life designs’ and ‘mini-retirements.’

We are amazed by the brand he has built around his book. We want authorpreneur to see and experience how powerful a book can be in positioning and influencing the purchase decisions of the consumers. More than anything else,  we want the entrepreneurs to see how a book can help them form deep connections with their audience if they take the care to offer solutions to their pain points.

In this light, The Books Factory team has compiled the different ways in which Tim Ferriss leveraged his book ‘4 Hour Workweek’ for business diversification and high-impact brand building.

3 Powerful strategies to Share your Brand’s story with consumers

What makes your consumer tick?

It is the million-dollar question all businesses and brands need to answer throughout their life cycle if they aim to achieve any success at all.

Staying connected with consumers is non-negotiable and central to product development, promotion and sales.

A robust engagement strategy can persuade the customers to accept your goods and services organically into their life. It will also get them emotionally invested in your brand and make them your greatest champions.

A relatable story is central to creating such a brand that attracts, involves and sustains consumers over long periods of time. Your brand’s story will take your product beyond commercials and make it appealing at a human level.

In the digital age, it can be a challenge to choose the best option to take your story forward in the maze of overwhelming options. So, We have come up with three time-tested and sure-fire options to share your brand’s story that can create effective consumer engagement for your brand