The importance of promotional services for a book

The importance of promotional services for a book

   Who are you going to sell your book if nobody knows it exists?

‘Discoverability’ – the ability of a book to draw and retain the attention of the consumer could be the difference between a successful and a failed book.

So, in order to ensure successful recognition, recall, and subsequent purchase, promoting your book to the right audience through right channels is crucial.

Many authors, mistakenly believe that writing a great book automatically translates into audience engagement and sales.

Many of them are often surprised to know that they will be spending a huge chunk of their time promoting their books. In fact, the most successful authors are more active marketers.

Writing your book is only half the battle – Telling your audience that your book exists and persuading them to buy it is what successfully completes the publishing process.

In the age of digital connectivity, the consumer is bombarded with choices from all directions. To ensure that your book stands apart from the competition and find the right audience is the litmus test for publishing.