How to Publish Your Book

How To Publish Your Book

It’s not 3000 BC.

Flatten and smack the stack of the papyrus plant, add your effort on top of that.

Your smooth & flexible, writing material is born. Accepts and retains ink even without a blur or smudge. Now, revolutionize the literary world.

Wait, WHAT?

We’re not in Ancient Egypt.

Step in this portal (O), to get back in this timeline. Whiup!

This was the way people used to craft the ancient papyrus paper, which was the method on how to write and publish your books. Successfully, the process never stopped evolving.

The development of writing has been a long process that underwent a lot of experimentation and cycles of new methods replacing the old. Different materials dominated distinct regions and eras, and clay was used heavily in the river plains of Mesopotamia. That’s where it is believed writing books was born. Then papyrus dominated the history of written documents”.

Now, you don’t even need paper sheets to publish your book. That being said we don’t have any excuse why not to write and publish nowadays, do we? Then again you wonder how to publish a book. Let’s dive into it more.

1) The form

Even though you can always choose to publish in print and print hard copies (maybe just for the mere fun of it), a recent more popular method is using the huge advantages, that expansion of existing and new technologies bring and move us closer to our goals. These platforms plus the help of a lot of Digital Publishing Agencies (few exceptionally good one), give you an opportunity to publish your book in Ebook format. By making your book digitally available you open the window and access to connect with a global, more engaged audience all across the globe. So these are the 3 ways you can publish your book considering its form:

  • Traditional method with print (hardcopies),
  • eBook Digital Publishing (grants more opportunities)
  • A mix of these two

So what’s the best approach? It depends on an individual basis. Whether you are a traditional fella or a digital skywalker you can choose or mix both approaches. We suggest the eBook publishing as a beneficial and more trendy approach in this context.

2)The way

Do I need to know Kung Fu to understand this? Of course not!

There are two ways to publish here:

  • To self-publish

You can decide to self-publish and do it on your own going for this adventurous route, but beware of dangers! (This is where knowing Martial Arts help).

To avoid being eaten alive by those crocodiles (smileys of crocodiles) we suggest to always reach out for help, when in need. There are a lot of great Digital Publishing agencies and we happen to be one. Jokes aside we love to offer you any help if necessary.

NOO, HUGE blocks of text again! WAIT, this is simple.

Let’s see how Bob the smart author-entrepreneur sees the book publishing process with its benefits down to 3 key elements: Time, Control and Profit.


Traditional publishing is often time-consuming. From accepting your offer to printing the book, can take away many months, sometimes even years.  But this doesn’t apply for Digital Publishing agencies, where the chosen option is an eBook format. Some of them (including us) let you keep all the profits minimizing costs and even offering the whole writing process for you.

That’s right, you now can be an author without a single written word by yourself.


Editors may want to change things about your book to make it more marketable. You may not be happy with someone else scribbling your dedicated work, just for the sake of a few more bucks. That’s not the case in all the digital agencies.

If your nose itch when you hear about someone else editing your manuscript, then maybe you have to go another route. You can always reach out for help from a decent Digital Publishing agency. An important key point to note here is the agencies that make YOU the center of their process, not the other way around.

While traditional publishing can make your book look even better, covering all the costs surrounding the process of publishing your book, there is a price for that. In the end, the publishing house will keep a cut of the book’s profits. But that’s not always a bad thing nor its always the case.

Sometimes a lot of success is due to their personalized help, and they charge only for the services. That way you get to keep all of your profits to yourself – which is better considering the other options. So better choose wisely.

Finally, when the writing process is eventually complete and you decide to publish, It’s time to celebrate. You are an author, and you deserve a nice celebration.

That’s how to publish a book in the 21st century.

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How can I publish my own Book?

     Writing your book is the easy part. Publishing it is where the real challenge starts.

Many writers make the fatal mistake of confusing to publish a book with printing at this stage. It is fatal because this could be the difference between grand success and dismal failure.

Printing is just about getting your book into a physical and tangible form. At most, it might involve editing and proofreading. Many writers stop with printing and lose out on a golden opportunity.

To Publish Book, on the other hand, is a series of complex and interlinked functions that aim at creating a product that continues to work for the writers and their businesses.

Author to Entrepreneur – Turning your Book into a profitable Business

Your Book is not a business card – it is much more powerful.

A business card cannot change your life – But a book has the potential to open the gateways of your dream business and in turn your dream life.

Being a publishing agency, we come face to face with this amazing potential of books and authors to build dream businesses together on a daily basis. It both inspires us and challenges our team creatively to design publishing packages that meet the needs of aspiring authorpreneur.

Entering the business arena armed with your book has three-fold benefits – You already have visibility, brand value and alternative streams of income that support your entrepreneurial ambitions.Here are 6 reasons why your books are the ideal platform to launch your business –

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Timeless Financial Lessons by Robert Kiyosaki

As a publishing agency, we regularly come face to face with inspiring stories and take great pleasure in helping the authors in turning them into books that everyone wants to read.

But, even with our vast access, only occasionally do we come across books that fire the imagination of an entire generation. Books that have the power to literally change lives across geographical and age spectrums. Rich dad poor Dad is one such book.

Publishing Evolution and The Books Factory Advantage

        Creating a book is simple, Publishing a book is complicated.

Most of us can write a book – even get it printed. But publishing is a different animal – it involves design, publicity, marketing, research and even actual selling.

The complexity and the necessity of such operations have traditionally given publishers a lot of power over writing processes and creativity.

Not anymore! The publishing industry is undergoing a transformation – that too in favor of the writers.

Publishing a book is more accessible, cost-effective, professional and purpose-oriented than ever. As more and more players are taking the initiative to experiment with new formats of publishing and adventurous avenues for reader outreach, the face of publishing as we have known is changing.

Writers – conventional and unconventional, across diverse industries are taking advantage of the publishing revolution.

Books – The biggest Content Marketing tool for all budding Entrepreneurs.


‘Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.’

The keyword here is “valuable.” There are thousands of types of contents used every single day by businesses all around the globe most of which goes to spam. But content marketing focuses on spreading valuable data so as to increase sales, ensure cost savings and acquire customers who are in need of your business and its services.